A Natural Wonder: Limni Lake, Gumushane

How would you like to get to know Limni Lake closely, which is an extraordinary natural wonder? Turkey is a very rich country in terms of both historical places and natural beauties. Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Gumushane hosts both cultural tourism and nature tourism in Turkey. How would you like to explore the natural wonders of Gumushane together?

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Where is Limni Lake?

Limni Lake is located within the borders of Torul district of Gumushane. When we look at how to reach Limni Lake, the lake is 44 kilometers from Gumushane and 20 kilometers from Torul district. There is a distance of 5.5 kilometers between Zigana Village and Limni Lake. The left side of the lake is connected to Yalınkavak plateau and the right side is connected to Altınpınar plateau.

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Limni Lake Nature Park

The area of ​​Limni Lake is about 720 decares and at an altitude of 2025. If we look at the plant habitat around Limni Lake; We see Scotch Pine, Juniper, Fir, Blackberry, Purple Flowering Rhododendron and Yellow Flowering Rhododendron. Again, the surroundings of Limni Lake are the settlements of animals such as Wolf, Bear, Jackal, Fox, Wild Boar, Lizard, Snake, Anatolian ground squirrel, Badger, Marten and Rat.

Limni Lake Nature Park is one of Turkey’s most important natural areas. Protecting and protecting nature should also be one of our most important goals. Because whenever we want to get away from the stress of big cities, whenever we want to breathe, if we squeeze out the hot air and seek some shade, we immediately take shelter under a tree, in the forest. Knowing the value of our forests, trees and nature means knowing the value of our future.

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What Activities Are Available?

You can also enjoy sportive activities such as plateau excursions, nature walks, photography, ATVs and bicycle tours in the Limni Lake Nature Park. Lake Limni, one of the popular places of the Eastern Black Sea Region, has a different beauty in every season. While it is chirping with a lush green appearance in summer, it has a cottony atmosphere when it meets white in winter. Limni Lake is also a great place for a picnic. Since there are picnic tables in the nature park, many people have a picnic here after visiting this place against its unique view. With its incredible view, the lake attracts not only local tourists but also foreign tourists. Limni Lake is quite suitable for camping. If you like camping, we definitely recommend you to experience camping here. Apart from the camp, you can also stay in the cottage. There is also a toilet and parking area in the nature park.

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