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A First in History in Times Square!

With the arrival of Ramadan, Muslims in the United States performed tarawih prayers in Times Square, one of the most famous squares in the world. The tarawih prayer was recorded as a first in history.

Muslims performed tarawih prayers for the first time in history in Times Square in New York, USA. The images of Muslims gathered here to welcome the month of Ramadan and to show others that Islam is a peaceful religion were reflected in the cameras of the people in the square.


The fact that Muslims prayed for the first time in Times Square also drew the attention of the people around. Images of the tarawih prayer performed quickly became the agenda on social media.


In the information made on social media, it was shared that permission was obtained from the authorities for the tarawih prayer to be held in Times Square. Human rights activist Shahnawaz Ansari, who made a statement on the subject, said “Ramadan in Times Square” and shared the video of the tarawih prayer in the square on his social media accounts.


A person in the area for Taraweeh prayers said, “There are many misconceptions about Islam. There are crazy people in all cultures, all religions, and these small groups of crazy people do not represent the majority. Islam encourages us to pray, fast, do good deeds, give alms. does.” he said.

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