A First for Turkey; Weapon Simulator SARP-SIM Starts!

A simulator that can be used embedded in land vehicles has been developed for the Sarp Remote Controlled Weapon System developed by the local technology company BİTES Defense and ASELSAN.

BITES Defense Aerospace Technologies has created a training simulator for the remote-controlled Sarp Weapon System, produced by ASELSAN and used in land vehicles. Units working in the field will first gain experience by shooting in Sarp’s simulator, and then they will serve in the field with higher success.

Name of Simulator SARP-SIM

The simulator, called SARP-SIM, was developed as Turkey’s first ground vehicle embedded training system. In cooperation with ASELSAN, all the capabilities and capabilities of the SARP Weapon System were simulated realistically. Within land vehicles, land vehicles have the ability to operate independently of space with their own equipment and without the need for a separate infrastructure. In this way, there is no need to install special buildings and infrastructures and the system can be used cost-effectively. While SARP-SIM enables the operator to receive training with real SARP weapon system equipment, it offers the opportunity to receive training easily both in the vehicle and in the classroom environment with its portable communication unit and laptop computers.

SARP-SIM aims to increase the experience and experience of the security forces using the system with the realistic tactical environment, virtual elements with artificial intelligence, high quality TV and thermal camera images. In addition, SARP-SIM can simulate all settings and malfunctions of the real Sarp system.

With the realistic terrain data created in SARP-SIM, it is aimed that the security forces have seen and experienced the war environment before they go to duty.

BITES also provides the system with the ability to do common tasks (network). Thus, similar to the situations in the real tactical environment, multiple Sarp operators in different vehicles can work in the same scenario in coordination with each other. Within the scope of this capability, the first step of Metaverse-based education systems, which is expected to become very widespread in the future, has been taken.

SARP-SIM Project includes many sub-systems such as Instructor Control Software, Surround Sound and Communication Software, Tactical Environment Simulation Software, Visual Database and 3D models and image generators (tactical field visualization). Users who receive training with SARP-SIM can also perform performance evaluation at the end of the training.

BITES Lead System Engineer Bayram Akalan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Sarp is a remote-controlled weapon system in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Stating that the system is generally used in an integrated manner with land vehicles, Akalan stated that a simulation need arose in order to meet the training needs of the personnel using this system, and BITES, which has more than 20 years of experience in this field, has developed a solution.

Akalan stated that SARP-SIM is a first for Turkey and will serve as an embedded simulator for military land vehicles.

“The capabilities of the real system emerged in line with its modeling. We worked with system and platform manufacturers and created them by matching their real capabilities. The embedded simulator system was designed to give the personnel skills and habits to use their hand and motor skills effectively by using real system equipment on site. Personnel, He can receive training in the vehicle where the weapon is deployed or in a classroom, in the desired place and environment, through the interface box and computer.”

Emphasizing that the Sarp system is an integrated product consisting of sub-systems, Akalan gave the following information about the work that can be done with the simulator:

“Besides shooting, the capabilities of this system include being able to command with a remote control, taking images with a TV and thermal camera over the electro-optical subsystem integrated into the system, and shooting by applying ballistics over these images. The simulation we made with this simulator is exactly the same as the real system. We create a virtual world, a tactical environment. The operator is allowed to shoot depending on real ballistic calculations in the tactical environment. This is possible day and night, in different weather conditions. SARP-SIM allows the operator to resist the threats that the operator may encounter in the combat environment, to use the weapon effectively It is based on being able to learn what to do in case of possible malfunctions in the system.”

Akalan stated that they have been working on the project for about a year and that the system has been accepted and that the simulator will be used next month.

Emphasizing that different weapon systems are also on their agenda, Bayram Akalan said, “Sarp is an infrastructure project that can be used in our other weapon systems. We have the subject of simulating other weapon systems in a similar way. We aim to simulate anti-aircraft, machine guns, land and sea platforms, and air defense systems in a similar way. We’re planning.”

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