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A Better Artificial Intelligence Model from ChatGPT and Gemini: Claude 3 Introduced!

A Better Artificial Intelligence Model from ChatGPT and Gemini: Claude 3 Introduced!

The Claude 3 artificial intelligence family, which is claimed to be better than ChatGPT and Gemini, was introduced. Coming with 3 models, what can the artificial intelligence family do? Here are the details!

Anthropic, founded by several former OpenAI employees, has introduced its newest language family, Claude 3. More capable than previous versions, Claude 3 will now be able to answer “harmless” questions that were previously rejected and unanswered.

The artificial intelligence model, which is claimed to be better than ChatGPT and Gemini, will be able to answer more questions and understand and respond to longer commands in much more detail.

While we left behind a week of new initiatives by artificial intelligence companies, the signs of artificial intelligence tools that we will be surprised again in the coming days were given early.

ChatGPT and Gemini

Artificial Intelligence Will Overtake Giants

Claude 3 comes in three different models in total. These will be Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet and Claude 3 Opus. The artificial intelligence model, which appears as a multiplex model, will be able to understand and interpret not only texts but also visuals.

The Opus option will be the most advanced of the three models. Sonnet and Opus models are now available and accessible with their APIs. While Sonnet is a free-to-use model, Opus will be available exclusively for Claude Pro members.

Claude 3 family will be able to understand longer prompts, answer more questions and provide more accurate answers. Claude 3 family will process more information and give users the clearest answer. All 3 models will initially offer a context window of 200 thousand tokens and the number can increase up to 1 million.

The Haiku model of Claude 3, of which two models are currently available, will be released at a later date. This model already stands out as the fastest and most affordable model on the market. Haiku is claimed to be able to read long articles filled with graphs and charts in less than 3 seconds.

Since Anthropic’s Claude models are not yet available in Turkey, the Claude 3 AI family is not yet available. The company, which wants to expand to other countries, says it continues its work.

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