A 96-kilometer wall was built on the Turkish-Iranian border

In order to ensure border security, prevent illegal crossings and smuggling activities, and prevent the infiltration of terrorists, a wall was built on a 96-kilometer part of the 295-kilometer border line.

Domestic unrest is not allowed in Turkey.

In this context, operations against individuals trying to enter the country illegally in the border region continue without slowing down.

On the other hand, Mehmetçik keeps watch at the border day and night to prevent the passage to the country.

Thanks to the wall, which is equipped with watchtowers and supported by ditches, all kinds of terrorism, smuggling and illegal crossings are prevented.

At the same time, on the road parallel to the firewall route, border troops patrol the border 24/7 by patrolling the border.

155,774 irregular migrants caught in 3 years

Within the framework of the studies, 155 thousand 774 irregular migrants have been caught and prevented at the border line so far, 62 thousand 253 in 2021, 64 thousand 860 in 2022, and 28 thousand 661 in the first 5 months of 2023.

“The number of towers with elevators completed in Van is 6”

The following statements were made in the statement made by the Van Governorship regarding the issue:

“Our investments and activities for the border security of our country continue uninterruptedly, with the mandate of ensuring the protection and security of our border, coastal and territorial waters, which was entrusted to the Ministry of Interior in the Presidential decree, and with the motto of ‘border honor’.

The eastern borders of our country will be fortified and strengthened with a physical barrier system, with the immediate conclusion of the ongoing construction of the security wall and patrol road along the entire Iranian border.

All borders of our country will be equipped with Border Physical Security Systems, which provide infrastructure that allows immediate intervention and high deterrence. In addition to the border security approach, which traditionally relies on manpower and physical security systems, our intensive work on the supply and installation of technological security systems continues.

To date, the construction of 96 kilometers of security walls and patrol roads in Van has been completed, and it is aimed to strengthen the entire line of approximately 300 kilometers with physical security systems in a short time.

103 of the electro-optical towers are within the borders of Van province, the current value of the investment for the energy transmission lines under construction along the border is 300 million TL, and the number of towers with elevators completed in Van is 6.

We continue to work and invest in the completion of the technological security systems at our borders, and in the short term, all our borders will be equipped with the most advanced technological systems.

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