5 Reasons Of Investing in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important developing markets of the world. So, many foreign investors demand making serious investments to Turkey at the last years. Turkey is located between the old world continents. Therefore, it is both Asian and European country. Throughout history, it has served as a bridge between the two continents. As a result of the developments in the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia, this task has gained even more importance. It is also among the European countries and Middle Eastern countries. In developed Europe, there are all kinds of industry and abundant oil in the Middle East. Between these two groups of countries in need of live trafficking of our country passes through our country provides significant economic benefits. Moreover, Turkey is the case of a transition area in terms of culture. There are many reasons of investing in Turkey, let’s have a look at the 5 most important reasons.

1- Young Population

Turkey attracts attention as Europe’s “young country” , with its young population reaches 13 million from Belgium to Greece from Sweden to Hungary surpassed the population of the 20 EU member countries. The young people in the 28 EU member countries in this age group was likely to find about 56 million young population in Turkey, a level of about 1 in 4 of these figures. young people in the 15-24 age group in Turkey, which accounted for 16.1 % of the total population, this ratio stood at 10.9 % in the EU.

Turkey in Europe, with a rate of 13.7 % of the young population of Cyprus, the Netherlands and Denmark followed with 12.9 % and 12.3 %. The proportion of young people was calculated as 11.8 in France, 10.6% in Germany and 9.7% in Italy. The country with the lowest rate of young people among the EU countries is Bulgaria with 9.3 %. This country was followed by the Czech Republic and Spain with rates of young people at 9.6 %.

2- Educated Workforce

When we look at the big perspective, Turkey has educated workforce, especially in younger generation. In Turkey, every province has its own university and  the country has a developed education network. You can get training in different subjects and disciplines almost all cities of Turkey under today’s developed education conditions. The educated workforce is key for the future of Turkey and many international companies demand these population to employ in their businesses.

3- Investment Incentives

The investment incentives are so important for developing investment conditions of Turkey. The Turkish Government provides different investment incentives from tax exception to insurance premium support for foreign investors who will make an investment to Turkey. There are 6 different investment regions in Turkey. You will find different incentives for different regions. The other incentives are tax deductions, allocations of investment place, insurance premiums, VAT refund, R&D supports and others. The investment incentives are the key points of developing investment conditions of Turkey.

4- Developed Infrastructure

When From a sectoral perspective, Turkey, helping to intensify the economic and social infrastructure projects, to allocate more resources to the education and health sectors. The majority of Turkey’s development co-operation projects between 2005 and 2010, focused on the development of the social infrastructure sector. The main reason for this is that demand-driven of Turkey’s aid policy in this direction, in order to respond to the call of the recipient countries and training covering basic humanitarian needs, health, water and sanitation, is formed as for the sub-sectors such as infrastructure. There are four main key points of developed infrastructure of Turkey :

  • New and advanced technical infrastructure in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors
  • Highly developed, low cost sea transport
  • Advantage of transport to Central and Eastern Europe by rail
  • Well-structured transport facilities and direct shipment mechanism to most EU countries

5- Turkey is the Central Point of East-West Energy Corridor

Turkey is an important energy terminal and gate connecting East and West. More than 70% of the world’s proven primary energy reserves, while in regions very close to Turkey, Europe, the largest energy consumer, the key point west taking place in countries in the energy transfer of Turkey, the area serves is an energy terminal.

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