5 Most Interesting Villages in the World

Due to human nature, sometimes they get bored and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, relax and retreat. Searching for a place here. We also heard this voice. We have selected the 5 most unheated and most interesting villages in the world for you, our dear readers. There are some very strange ones in these villages. Here are those villages…

1- Gasadalur Villages

Gasadalur Village is located in the Faroe Islands, an autonomous region of Denmark. In other words, it is located between Scotland and Iceland. It was built on a steep 213-meter cliff. This village has a strange story. It is this feature that makes the villages interesting.

2-Ittoqqortoormiit Villages


The villages of Ittoqqortoormiit is located in Greenland, the autonomous region of Denmark. The ice sheet on this island is 3 km. is thick. 81% of the island is covered with ice. Here on this island is the village of Ittoqqortoormiit, which is difficult to pronounce. About 452 people live in this village. Transportation here can only be done by helicopter or by sea. Of course, these options are also valid when the villages is not under snow.

3-Phugtal Gompa Monastery Commune


Located in Phugtal Gompa Monastic Commune, India, this village was built in the 12th century. More religious people live in this village. When we look at the name of the village, we see that it is a religious place. The reason why it was built here is known as the place where meditation, peace and solitude are best felt. Today 70 monks live in the Himalayan Mountains monastery. It is very difficult to reach the houses. The priests here are in a kind of seclusion.

4-Huacachina Oasis


Huacachina Oasis Village is located in the middle of a desert in Peru. It is 5 hours away from Lima, the capital of Peru. Located in the middle of the desert, this village is quite interesting. Because if you noticed in the photo, there is a villages in the middle of the desert. This village is built around a lake and is surrounded by palm trees, milk trees and cafes. Don’t you think it’s interesting? 115 people live here. Tourism is their only source of income. It is known that the people living here are descendants of the Incas. During the Incas period, this place was considered a sacred place. The story of the village, which means Holy Woman, is also very interesting. It is said that it was the tears of the woman who shed tears for her husband who died in the middle of the desert. It is visited by a large number of foreign tourists every year. If you go, I say go with your loved ones.

5-Motuo Villages


Motuo is one of the 2100 counties in the East Tibet region of China. But this county is different from other counties. In fact, it is different from all other counties in the world. It is this; It is known as the most isolated place in the world. The road here was built in 2009, think about the rest 🙂 The nearest settlement is about 75 km away. Recently, tourists have started to come to the villages, which has no connection with the outside world. About 10 thousand people live here. These people are said to be from two different tribes.

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