4 Children From Plane That Crashed Two Weeks Ago Found Alive

Four children were found alive in the small plane that disappeared in Colombia on May 1 with 7 people on board and whose wreckage was found yesterday. It was learned that an 11-month-old baby was among the survivors.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro said on his Twitter account, “As a result of the arduous searches of our soldiers, we found 4 children alive from the plane that crashed in Guaviare. A great joy for the country.”

It was stated that there was also an 11-month-old baby who survived as a result of a “miracle” in the crashed plane, and the siblings were identified in the forest.

13-year-old Lesly Bonbaire, 9-year-old Soleiny Ranoque, 4-year-old Tien Ronoque and 11-month-old baby Cristian Ranoque survived the plane crash and survived for 17 days.

Blu Radio reported that Lesly, the eldest of the siblings, had built a temporary shelter in the forest to keep her younger siblings alive.

The bodies of 4 other people in the small plane, whose wreckage was found yesterday in the forests in the south of the country, were identified. It was stated that there were 7 people on board the small plane HK 2803, which is believed to have crashed in the city of San Jose in the Guaviare administrative region.

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