3 kilometers of wi-fi!

Morse Micro broke the Wi-Fi distance record by transmitting data over 3 kilometers using the HaLow (802.11ah) standard. With HaLow technology, data can be transmitted over long distances with low power.

Wireless technology company Morse Micro has broken the Wi-Fi distance record by using the Wi-Fi HaLow (802.11ah) standard to transmit data over 3 kilometers. HaLow technology was first announced in 2016 but has not found much application.

Connection speeds during Morse Micro’s test ranged from 11 megabits/s at 500 meters to 1 megabit/s at 3 kilometers. Still, this was enough to keep the video call going.

One of the impressive things about this test was not only the long range of the Wi-Fi signal, but also its ability to work despite all the wireless interference in an urban area. As ultra-long-range Wi-Fi devices like this are primarily targeted at Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios rather than media due to the slow speeds, this achievement shows that Wi-Fi HaLow is the ultimate long-range wireless solution.

Low power consumption

Wi-Fi HaLow offers long range and excellent interference resistance, as well as lower power consumption than high-speed Wi-Fi solutions such as Wi-Fi 7. Morse Micro conducted the test with the Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC certified MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow chip.

While HaLow’s long-range range and low speed may not mean much for home users, it could find applications in public Wi-Fi, enterprise back-end solutions, the Internet of Things – in short, in areas where speed is not so important but long-range, low-power communication is required.

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