26-fingered baby born in India

A baby in India was born with 7 fingers and 6 toes. The baby’s family believes the little boy is a reincarnated Hindu goddess.

A baby born in India recently made the agenda of both the country and the world.

A baby born in the city of Bharatpur was born with an extraordinary feature.

The little girl was born with seven fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

Those who see it are amazed: Born with 26 fingers

Doctors say the baby has a genetic disorder, while the baby’s family believes she is a reincarnated Hindu goddess.

Doctors said her unusual condition was caused by a rare genetic abnormality.

“The baby is healthy”

Dr. BS. Soni, who works at the hospital where she was born, said:
“There is nothing wrong with having 26 fingers, but it is a genetic abnormality. The baby is otherwise absolutely healthy.”

Below are examples of Hindu deities with multiple limbs.

Image of the Goddess Kali on the wall of Kali temple in Puri

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