25 percent hike in water prices in Istanbul

25 percent hike in water prices in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality İSKİ 2nd Ordinary General Assembly approved a 25 percent increase in water prices.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly’s Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) Ordinary Board took place today. In the meeting held at IBB’s headquarters in Saraçhane, a 25 percent increase in water prices in Istanbul was decided.


In the September session of the IBB Assembly, ISKI’s proposal for a 60 percent increase in water was discussed at the ISKI ordinary board. ISKI’s proposal was revised in the assembly. With the agreement of the ruling and main opposition parties, a 25 percent increase was decided.


In the new tariff with a 25 percent increase, the unit price of the 1st tier between 0-15 cubic meters in residences increased from 16.50 TL to 20.62 TL. The second tier between 15-30 cubic meters was increased from 23.75 TL to 29.68 TL, and the unit price of the 3rd tier of 30 cubic meters and above was increased from 32.34 TL to 40.42 TL.

water prices in Istanbul


With the law, the residential unit price increased from 4.12 TL to 5.15 TL, common meter residential/ residential construction site from 23.75 TL to 29.68 TL, workplace first tier (0-40 cubic meters) from 43.23 TL to 54.03 TL, workplace second tier (43 cubic meters and above) from 50 TL to 62.5 TL.

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