21 Turkish District that Walking on the Street at Midnight is Dangerous

There are lots of places are famous for its bad titles. These districts are Texas of Turkey and it may be dangerous walking on the street at midnights for foreigners. Let’s take a look them.

1- Çinçin (Ankara)


Çinçin is one of the most dangerous districts of Ankara. In some case, police is abstaining from entering this district. Çinçin is dangerous day and night.

2- Yüreğir (Adana)


Especially 19 May Street is the most dangerous street.

3- Çilek Street (Mersin)


The cordiality of its name is not being in this district.

4- Kadifekale (İzmir)


You can see the best İzmir view from this district, but it’s too dangerous for foreigners.

5- Sarıgöl District (İstanbul)


Sarıgöl is famous with its crazy weddings and drugs operations.

6- Kore District (Tekirdağ)


If you pass through this street with your car, you shouldn’t use your brake

7- Dolapdere (İstanbul)

Dolapdere is worrisome both day and night !

8- Çömlekçi (Trabzon)


Here is accepted as Turkey’s biggest brothel. You can see Russian and Georgian women in the streets of Çömlekçi.

9- Tarlabaşı (İstanbul)


Tarlabaşı is the drugs center of Istanbul. You can try leaving your car on the streets for one hour, you will be so lucky if you find your car there

10- Muhacir Pazarı (Konya)


Famous for bummers, fights and taprooms.

11-Çarşamba (Samsun)


Çarşamba has famous gangs which are comletely substitute of Italian gangs.

12- Bağcılar (İstanbul)


Unfortunately, Bağcılar is a reality of Turkey. If you visit there, you will meet another world !

13- Doğanlar (Konya)


There is no day without fighting.

14- Çavuşbaş (Afyonkarahisar)


It’s not recommended to visit Çavuşbaş District if you are a foreigner.

15- Faroz (Trabzon)


Always fights and gunshots. If you wear a Fenerbahçe sportswear, it will be beneficial for you not to visit Faroz.

16- Kuştepe (İstanbul)


There are lovely people who want 1 lira from you, and if you are insisting on not giving money, they may turn into a zombie in a short time

17- Kuyubaşı (Eskişehir)

You can always observe smuggling activities.

18- Hacıhüsrev (İstanbul)


There are always police operations. Walking on Hacıhüsrev Street is so dangerous, especially if you’re a foreigner.

19- Zeytinköy (Antalya)


You can find lots of colorful activities in Zeytinköy like bagsnatcher, purse-snatcher, candyman and hijacker.

20- Tepecik (İzmir)


Tepecik is located in suburbs of İzmir. Especially, Murtake is the most famous place of Tepecik.

21- Gazi Street (İstanbul)

You should think twice if you visit Gazi Street. There are 24-hours fights and conflicts. Police became a regular at Gazi Street at the last years.

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  1. The common feature of these places is the immigration from southeast Anatolia. They speak Kurdish

  2. Is Mugla (Mudulod: super-berp and fanatics )is Safe City.!!?!
    Muğla is the administrative capital of a province that incorporates internationally well-known and popular tourist resorts such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça, Dalyan, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz and also the smaller resort of Sarigerme.

    Gazi Street. There are 24-hours fights and conflicts;

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