2023 Tofaş Şahin Production Started! How much?

Tofaş Şahin production started again in 2023. Can it be brought to Turkey? Here are the price and features…

Automobiles produced by Tofaş in the 90s became very popular in Turkey. Although the main reason for this high interest and demand was the affordable price in the beginning, nowadays properly preserved ones are sold for the price of new cars. But it is possible to import really zero ones at this price. Because, apart from Turkey, there are other countries producing 2023 brand new Tofaş Şahin. So how much is the price?

2023 Tofaş Şahin How Much?

Production of Tofaş Şahin in Turkey ended 20 years ago. However, it continues to be produced and sold for more than 10 years in countries such as Egypt and Ethiopia. And without the slightest addition. In other words, it is exactly the same as the vehicle that was put on sale here in 2000.

Of course, not with the same brand and model nomenclature. New names and logos determined by the brands that have acquired the production rights are used. For example, it goes on sale with the name and logo of Holland Docc from the assembly plant established for the first time in Ethiopia.

However, in Ethiopia, decisions were made to stop production after 2017. Although sales were made periodically, the factory was slowly starting to lose its function. However, according to the latest news, Tofaş Şahin production started again in 2023.

In this way, people and companies that want to import from Turkey will also be able to bring these brand new cars. However, it should be noted that there is a great demand for this vehicle as it is affordable in Ethiopia and the first batch was sold out on the same day.

Of course, since the demand is not only in the domestic market, it is stated that Ethiopia has decided to continue production throughout the year. Its price is at the level of 13 thousand dollars. That is roughly equivalent to $250,000. However, it should be noted that if it is imported, shipping and customs fees will be added.

However, when compared to the second-hand versions that find buyers for 300-400 thousand TL due to low mileage, no one will want to miss the opportunity to buy a new one for a much cheaper price. You can watch the production videos of the vehicle from the past years via the links below.

Tofaş Şahin features:

  • Power: 80/5500 rpm
  • Weight: 950 kg
  • Top speed: 180 km/h
  • Displacement: 1,581cc
  • Luggage capacity: 460 liters
  • Tire dimensions: 185/70/R14
  • Fuel capacity: 50 liters
  • 0-100 acceleration: 13.1 seconds
  • 4-cylinder 8-valve single overhead camshaft engine

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  1. I had the station wagon version when I worked in Istanbul for a major advertising agency. I think it was called “kartal” – eagle, as opposed to “sahin” which is a hawk, I think. Had major overheating problems and went through head gaskets constantly. Oddly enough the Lada that I got as a replacement was unfortunately better – up to a point. The lada was the car with an advanced safety feature – the outside mirrors would fold back at 140 km/h. And the plastic gears in the steering rack broke on a cobbled Istanbul street.

    The South African built versions of the Mirafiori which was the equivalent of the Sahin won many rallies here i nthe 1970’s.

    Responsive car to drive. Thanks for the memories.

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