15-year-old boy allegedly tortured with chains: Father and uncle arrested

15-year-old boy allegedly tortured with chains: Father and uncle arrested

A 15-year-old boy was allegedly chained to a barn and tortured in Suruç district of Şanlıurfa. The boy’s father and uncle were detained and arrested. Describing his experiences, the boy said, “They had a feud with my uncle. They wanted me to kill him with a gun. When I refused, they tortured me.”

Mahmut Ş., 15, who lives in Mürşitpınar neighborhood of Suruç district of Şanlıurfa, was allegedly chained by his father İzzet Ş., his uncle Mahmut Ş. and his older brother Ali Ş. in a barn by his throat, hands and feet.

The family members allegedly tortured Mahmut Ş. After a while, his aunt came and freed him from the chains.

Mahmut Ş. obtained a video of family members beating him and sent it to his mother, who was separated from his father. Upon his mother’s complaint, the gendarmerie went to the neighborhood and detained İzzet Ş., his brother and older son.

Mahmut Ş., who was taken to hospital for treatment, was found to have beatings and scars on most of his body.

allegedly tortured


Mahmut Ş., whose statement was taken at the gendarmerie, claimed that there was a feud between his family and his uncle, so they gave him a gun to shoot him, but he refused and ran away from home.

Stating that he stayed in a hotel in Nizip for 3 days and then came to Birecik, Mahmut Ş. said that he was caught by his family and said, “They hit me with a car. That’s why I couldn’t escape. My uncle Mahmut Ş. beat me and took me to the car. There they took me to a house. He broke my nose there.”


Mahmut.Ş. said that his uncle tied him with chains and tortured him, “They tied my hands and feet to the hooks of the animals in the barn. They made me lie down and took off my shirt. First they tortured me and then they told me not to tell this to anyone. I was tortured from 14.00 noon until 23.00 at night.”

Claiming that his uncle, father and brother urinated on him, Mahmut Ş. said that his aunt came at night and freed him from the chains and then he got the video of them beating him and sent it to his mother.

allegedly tortured


The procedures of the detained child’s father İzzet, uncle Mahmut and older brother Ali Ş. at the gendarmerie were completed. After undergoing a health check at the hospital under intense security measures, the 3 suspects were referred to the courthouse. Ali Ş. was released on judicial control conditions, while father İzzet and uncle Mahmut Ş. were arrested.

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