10 Years Followed! Stork Jonas in Istanbul

10 Years Followed! Stork Jonas in Istanbul

The stork named “Jonas”, which was born in Germany and whose migration route has been tracked by GPS since 2013 by scientists, came from Israel and was photographed by bird watchers in Istanbul, where it took a break.

With the arrival of spring, Jonas the Stork, which set out from Israel with its herd, entered Turkey from Hatay on February 23.

Following the Adana, Mersin, Konya, Eskişehir and Kocaeli routes, Jonas reached Istanbul after a 5-day journey and took a break at Şile İSTAÇ Kömürcüoda Solid Waste Disposal Facilities.

Bird watchers, who follow the stork through the application, came together at the facilities to photograph the stork.

Bird watchers working at the facilities took a photo of Jonas the Stork they encountered.

Wildlife photographer and bird watcher Alper Tüydeş said that storks usually spend the winter in Africa, while Jonas spends the winter in Israel because he is an intelligent and practical bird.

Tüydeş said that unlike previous years, the Jonas stork did not feed at all after leaving Israel this year, adding that the stork wanders during the day and stays in suitable and safe places in the evenings.

Pointing out that the stork is fed in the solid waste facility when it comes to Istanbul, Tüydeş said, “I follow the Jonas stork through the application. As soon as we saw it coming to Istanbul, we organized with other bird watchers on social media. We searched the media and came to the facilities in Şile. We met the stork and took its photo. I was able to shoot.” aforementioned.

Stork Jonas


Stating that Jonas continued on his way to Istanbul after he had his fill, and then stayed in the city for a few more days due to adverse weather conditions, Tüydeş continued:

“This time the weather was a factor. The weather is misty. The possibility of precipitation is frequented by migratory birds. It will probably continue its migration journey after a few days. Because it feeds here, it rests for days and stores plenty of energy. Continue on your way from here as soon as possible. will try to reach it.”


Pointing out that the movements of the stork are watched with great interest by nature lovers on social media, Tüydeş said, “I wonder which city it will pass through?”, “Where did he stay tonight?”, “Caught in the evening?” rain?” and “How many days will it last?” He stated that such posts were made.

Stork Jonas

Emphasizing that the interest in Jonas has increased as a result of the social media posts, Tüydeş said, “I see social media as an advantage in order to announce such nature stories or developments related to nature more. Notice the birds and turn to bird watching.” said.

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