10 thousand euros scattered by the wind in Istanbul

10 thousand euros scattered by the wind in Istanbul

In Kartal, Istanbul, 10 thousand euros in the hand of a shopkeeper leaving the barber shop were suddenly blown away by the wind. The money scattered on the road was collected with the help of the surrounding shopkeepers and passers-by.

10 thousand euros

In Kartal, Istanbul, 10 thousand euro banknotes scattered in the wind.

When hairdresser Ramazan Çakat left the shop to give money to the person he was trading with, the coins in his hand were caught in the wind.

Those who saw the money scattered in front of the shop and on the road collected the money and handed it over to Ramazan Çakat after their astonishment.

10 thousand euros

Çakat, who collected the 10 thousand euros scattered on the road with the help of tradesmen and citizens, thanked those who helped him.

10 thousand euros

“As I was leaving the door, I was hit by the wind. The deck was suddenly opened with the wind, and the money was scattered.” said Çakat, “Thanks to the shopkeepers, neighbors, and friends passing by, they showed an example of humanity and helped us. We collected our money in full. Someone could have pocketed it and taken it away. After all, there were people passing by. It was halal money, thank God.”

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