1 Day Menstrual Leave per Month

1 Day Menstrual Leave per Month

CHP Istanbul Deputy Mahmut Tanal presented his proposal to the Turkish Grand National Assembly yesterday for the use of menstrual leave by women. In the proposal, which emphasized that women’s menstrual leave should be seen as a basic human right, they were asked to be considered as one day off per month. A remarkable development on the subject took place in Ankara today. Ankara Bar Association has taken a new decision regarding menstrual leave.

The remarkable decision regarding women was taken by the Ankara Bar Association. After yesterday’s CHP’s Tanal’s proposal for the law on menstrual leave, the Ankara Bar Association has decided to give women employees 1 day of ‘menstrual leave’ per month.


In the justification of the law proposal signed by CHP’s Tanal, the history of the women’s rights struggle was reminded and it was emphasized that menstruation is a process that many women go through.

In the reasoning, it was stated that the menstrual leave application is an application that adapts the employees to working life in line with their biological needs:

“Especially for working women with severe painful menstruation or polycystic ovary syndrome, the pain experienced during menstruation reaches a level that makes it impossible to work or participate in daily life. In this regard, menstrual leave is both in terms of the right to health and the work/study of the menstrual issue. “It is an exemplary practice in terms of normalizing it in life. Menstrual leave should be seen and implemented as a fundamental human right, just like the right to life.”


In the justification that it was stated that the menstrual permit first emerged in Japan, it was also stated that the said permit application was continued in countries such as Italy, China and Taiwan.


The Ankara Bar Association announced today that women will be given 1 day menstrual leave per month. The following statements were used in the written statement made by the Bar Association:

“At the board of directors meeting on November 15, 2022, in accordance with Article 76 of the Law on Advocacy, bar associations whose existence purpose is to defend and protect human rights are required to carry out works and transactions to ensure gender equality in favor of women’s work and women members, Ankara Bar Association, Ankara Bar Association “It was decided to give 1 day menstrual leave per month to female employees working in the Economic Enterprises and Ankara Bar Association Lawyers Aid Fund on any working day they demand. It was decided at the Board that the decision should be announced to the lawyers they work with, as a recommendation, for female employee lawyers from the Ankara Bar Association.”

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