YouTube Music’s Live Lyrics Feature Arrives in Turkey!

YouTube Music’s Live Lyrics Feature Arrives in Turkey!

YouTube Music’s live lyrics feature has finally arrived in Turkey. Thanks to the new update, the design of the feature has also changed. Here are the details!

YouTube Music’s live lyrics feature, which has been used abroad for a while, has now come to Turkey with the new update. The latest update of the app is now available on all iOS and Android devices.

With the new feature, users will be able to follow the lyrics of a song live while listening to it. Also, thanks to the new design, the lyrics will be much more prominent and readable.

Lyrics Tab

As you know, YouTube Music has a Lyrics tab on its home page. In this tab, the lyrics appeared as a long text. In the new update, this view has changed a little more.

YouTube Music's Live Lyrics Feature

When any song is played, the lyrics in the Lyrics tab will stream live in sync with the song. Thus, lyrics can now be easily followed while listening to music.

In the new design prepared by YouTube Music, the stream of lyrics will appear in white colors. While the lyrics that are currently in the song will appear in white, the lyrics that will come in the following minutes will be shown in a fainter theme.

When the song skips to the next line, the page will refresh and the lyrics will change. There will be more space between the lyrics, making them easier to read.

It seems that YouTube Music’s making such a change right after the Special For You or “Samples” feature will please users.

So, do you like this feature of YouTube Music? You can share your thoughts with us.

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