Vladimir Putin Approves Anti-LGBT Law

Russian President Putin has passed a law banning unconventional sex, pedophilia, and information propaganda that could lead to sex change.

With the law approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin, LGBT propaganda is banned in the country.

Accordingly, the dissemination of non-traditional sexual intercourse and pedophilia through mass media, internet, advertisements, literary works and cinema can be considered illegal.

In the same media, calls for gender reassignment among young people were also included in the ban.

With the law, which also envisages the implementation of the mechanism that limits children’s access to listening to and watching LGBT-related information, an organization authorized by the government will be able to monitor.

Fines up to 10 Million Rubles

The fines envisaged by the law, which imposes penalties on real and legal persons in the country, foreigners and foreign mass media who promote LGBT, pedophilia and gender reassignment propaganda, range from 50 thousand Russian rubles (approximately 827 dollars) to 10 million Russian rubles (approximately 165 thousand 290 dollars). .

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