Uber re-launched in Istanbul with 8-person XL vehicles!

A new move came from Uber, which continues its activities in Turkey with yellow and turquoise taxis. Uber relaunched its services in Istanbul with 8-seater XL vehicles under the name “Black Taxi”. The kilometer price of the black taxis, whose opening is 11.90 TL, is 7.65 TL. The minimum wage for black taxis is 34 lira.
Uber, which was banned in Turkey in the past years, started to serve again after winning the case. Uber’s XL minibus service, which acts as an intermediary for yellow and turquoise taxis, could not be used. Uber Turkey announced today that large vehicles have started to serve again.


In the statement made on Twitter by Uber Turkey, “Uber Black Taxi is at Istanbul! Black Taxi is now at your service with its vehicles for 8 people, with a larger seating area for families and groups of friends, with the privilege of Uber. Call now and get a more luxurious and comfortable journey. You can.” enjoy the journey!” has been told.


Uber Turkey General Manager Neyran Bahadırlı stated that they are very excited about the realization of Uber Black Taxi in Istanbul and said, “Uber Black Taxi service is only in the category of black luxury taxis and operates in accordance with the regulations of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The center said, “Pricing will be made according to the Black Taxi taximeter price tariff determined by UKOME. “We expect high demand from both domestic and international Uber users.”


According to the information conveyed by the IMM Public Transport Services Directorate (TUHİM), black taxi service is more expensive than yellow and turquoise taxis. The calculation of the price of luxury taxis included in Uber’s system is 40 percent more than yellow taxis.

The black taxis with an opening fee of 11.90 TL cost 7.65 TL per kilometer. The minimum fee for black taxis is 34 TL. The opening fee of the commonly used yellow taxis is 7.00 TL, the kilometer fee is 4.50 TL and the minimum fare per journey is 20.00 TL.

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