The Çamlıca Mosque Is a Place That Conquers at First Sight and Forever

On March 7, 2019, the grandiose Çamlıca Mosque was opened in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. On your first visit to Istanbul, we strongly recommend visiting this amazing place, which is incomparable with anything. This is a whole architectural complex, recognized as the largest in the world.

The mosque is visible from many places in Istanbul, wherever you look. It is located in the Asian part of the city, in the Usküdar district, on a high hill with the same name Çamlıca (Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi).

The hill is the highest point of Istanbul and offers an incredible and breathtaking view of the whole of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. The mosque is surrounded by numerous viewing platforms, a picturesque park with flower beds, fountains, exotic trees.

The main feature of the mosque is its 6 minarets. The main building of the shrine can accommodate up to 25,000 visitors at a time. 22 thousand believers can easily be accommodated in the outer courtyard, and 12 thousand in the inner courtyard. Comfortable and functional lifts are provided for visitors who have any restrictions in movement.

The mosque itself is incredibly beautiful, clean and tidy. Very beautiful walls, exquisite columns, and the roof is decorated with carvings. The vaults of the building are decorated with amazing mosaic paintings, applied using modern technological means.

In the center of the courtyard there is a beautiful gazebo, under the roof of which there is a tank with clean water and stools around it.

Locals adore Çamlıca Hill. People come here for family walks, the newlyweds must visit the highest point of Istanbul on the wedding day. In addition to the mosque, travelers and citizens are happy to visit local observation decks, cozy cafes and restaurants, a chic green park.

This mosque is open to everyone, regardless of what religion they are, but the rules are the same for everyone, so it is necessary to enter it in accordance with Muslim traditions.

The idea of building a mosque was announced in 2012. The territory for construction was chosen very quickly, and then a lengthy project competition began, in which both famous and novice architects from all over the country took part. As a result, the winners were talented women who combined the features of classical Ottoman and modern architecture in their project. The winning women controlled the process of construction and decoration of the mosque at each stage. The foundation stone of the shrine was laid by the head of state in the spring of 2013. The foundation was completed a few months later, in August. But in total, it took about 6 years to implement the project.

Also on the territory you can visit the museum of Turkish and Islamic art, a library, an art gallery, workshops for artists.

We definitely recommend visiting an amazing place and inhaling the culture of the East

You can read this article in Russian language: Мечеть Чамлыджа – место, которое покоряет с первого взгляда и навсегда

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