Study in Amasya University

Study in Amasya University

Amasya is one of the amazing cities of Turkey and it is located in the Black Sea Region. The city offers a life commune with nature. It is a city where you can enjoy the green and nature. But, how about university life in Amasya? If you are wondering about studying in Amasya University, read this article and find the answers to your questions. Amasya University was established on March 17, 2006. It is a young university, but it has a long  and deep academic background. It was established on the foundations of the Amasya Faculty of Education (1974-1975), Amasya Vocational School (1975-1976), Amasya Health School (1992-1993) and Merzifon Vocational School (1991-1992) affiliated to Ondokuz Mayıs University. It is an institution with decades of higher education experience. It has a national and international reputation with its experienced staff, dynamic and competent teaching staff,  also it is a modern university which is open to innovations, integrated with its region, industry, in short with all internal and external stakeholders.

The Main Campus:

Amasya University Main Campus
Main Campus

The main campus of Amasya University is located on Muhsin Yazicioglu Street in Akbilek District of Amasya city center. In Amasya University, there are 8 faculties; Faculty of Education, Faculty of Technology,  Faculty of Science and Letters,Medical Faculty, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Theology.


The city center of Amasya is not very big. So, transportation is not a big problem in Amasya. It can be preferred for transportation by bus or minibus departing from the city center.



The city offers different types of alternatvies for the students. Private and state dormitories are available in the city center. However, the number of students who choose to rent a furnished flat is quite high. The number and popularity of student apartments are increasing day by day.

Prep. School:

Preparatory class trainings at Amasya University are given in the School of Foreign Languages. Foreign language courses such as English and Professional English are given by the academic staff of Amasya University.

Two departments are available in the School of Foreign Languages which is located in Yesilirmak Campus; Department of Translation and Interpreting (English) and Department of Translation and Interpreting (Arabic).

The Library:

Amasya University has a rich library. The main library is open 24 hours a day. There are so many facilities  for the students, academic and administrative staff of the university. A visually impaired unit serves for the visually impaired users in the library. Students, academic and administrative staff of the university are offered the opportunity to benefit from the services provided that they become a member of the library. In addition, outside researchers can also benefit from all kinds of information sources in the library collection. The users can browse the catalog with the computers located at the entrance of the library. If the user requests borrowing, it is processed into the library software and borrowed. Reference books are not borrowed but used only in the reading hall.

University Website: https://www.amasya.edu.tr

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