Storks Migrating South in Istanbul

With the approach of autumn, storks, which started to migrate to the south, create a visual feast in Istanbul, where they pass through the sky. Storks that spent the summer in Europe and the Balkans began migrating from their northern breeding grounds to warmer Africa. He told the AA correspondent.

Leys Don’t Migrate Over The Sea

Stating that storks enter Turkey in the spring and migrate to Europe from Africa and Hatay, Keles said, “Stork does not prefer to migrate over the seas.” Stating that creatures with large wingspan, such as storks, need to use minimum energy on a journey of thousands of kilometers, Keles said, “The only place that can use minimum energy is thermals that can occur with the rise of the heated air. Thermals enable birds to fly with maximum efficiency with minimum flapping of their wings.” said.

Harbinger of Autumn


Expressing that the current migration is a harbinger of autumn, Keles said, “The most active migration is seen between August 15 and September 15. During this period, nearly 1 million storks will pass over Istanbul. We are entering a period where you can see it. Istanbul is a very lucky city when you look from any part of Istanbul. Enez. “Silivri and Catalca are the first places stork come to when they return to Africa after entering Turkey. Historical scenery, combined with rails, is a historical and ecological landscape. Stork are aesthetic birds for photography. Related friends can create a visual feast by standing in the storks’ shelter areas or taking their poses while flying.” Explaining that stork do not migrate at night, Keles said that thousands of storks were seen taking off from their shelters in the early hours of the morning. There is something comforting about that. Scientifically proven. Because stork are incredibly aesthetic and peaceful creatures. These creatures need them, and we need them. The contribution of birds to the ecological balance is endless. They engage in many activities, from pollination to balancing living things like grasshoppers. People should raise their heads a lot this month. Beautiful landscapes await them. It is a period that should give Istanbul a festive atmosphere,” he said.


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