Side Ancient City

Side Ancient City

Side, which was the most important port city of Pamphylia in ancient times, was established on a 350-400 meter wide peninsula located 80 kilometers east of Antalya and 7 kilometers southwest of Manavgat. Side became a settlement center in the VII century BC. Side, this ancient city of Antalya, seduces minds with its admirable historical artifacts. Go, see, explore. Be sure to keep your mind on Side. Today, Side is a district of Manavgat district. You know, the district that hosts the world famous Manavgat Waterfall. The neighborhood, which has a population of approximately 14 thousand people, increases exponentially during the summer months. Because the buildings that have survived from the ancient city of Side right next to it increase the importance of the neighborhood. As you walk the streets of Side, the archaeological artifacts that appear suddenly in front of you clearly reveal the importance of Side. Today’s Side are full of meaning with the deep traces of antiquity and The cute houses. Side, where tourism started to accelerate especially in the 1960s, is still the biggest source of income today. It is no coincidence that one of the first places that comes to mind when Antalya is mentioned is Side. Because, Side is one of the places that form the basis of Antalya tourism. The structures that survived from the ancient city give life to Side with all their glory. In addition, with its stylish venues, souvenir shops and authentic products, Side is the favorite holiday destination of tourists. Each precious building you will see while visiting the city literally reflects the abundance of Side, which means “pomegranate” in Luwian. Side is a city established near the Melas River in its east, the Manavgat River as it is known today. Side has managed to become one of the most important port cities in the Pamphylia Region. The buildings in the city are the biggest proof of this.


You can reach the ancient city of Side in different ways. You can follow the Antalya-Isparta highway with your own vehicle. There are vehicles that provide transportation to Side Ancient City from the bus station.

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