Scientists Confused: A Giant Piece Of The Sun Has Break Off

It was stated that scientists observed a surprising development on the Sun: A large part of the Sun broke off from its surface, forming a hurricane-like vortex around the North Pole. The possible impact of this event, observed last week, on Earth is being investigated.

The video of the new development in the projections on the magnetic surface of the Sun astonished the space community.

The remarkable phenomenon was captured by NASA’s James Webb telescope, and last week space weather forecaster Dr. Shared on Twitter by Tamitha Skov.

“Let’s talk about the polar vortex! The material emanating from the northern ridge has just broken off from the main wire and is now spinning in a great polar vortex around the Sun’s North Pole. Whatever inference can be made to understand the Sun’s atmospheric dynamics above 55 degrees is no exaggeration,” Skov wrote.

In his second tweet, Skov wrote, “More observations of the Solar Pole Vortex show that material took about 8 hours to circumnavigate the pole at about 60 latitude. This means: Horizontal wind speed from the peak predicted in this event, 96 kilometers per second, or 60 per second. miles!” said.

The latest development has greatly worried scientists, as solar flares sometimes affect communications on Earth.

“I’ve never seen a vortex like the one that occurs when a piece of the bulge breaks off and hits the sun’s atmosphere,” solar physicist Scott McIntosh of the US National Center for Atmospheric Research, who has been observing the Sun for decades, told

This unusual development, following multiple powerful explosions from the Sun this month that disrupted communications with Earth, is being analyzed by astronomers to learn more details and present a clearer picture.

Source: Sputnik Turkey

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