Putin and Lukashenko met in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and said that a lot has been achieved as a result of joint work in all fields

Russia’s plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory in recent weeks has drawn the backlash of Western and Ukrainian authorities. Expressing that Russia’s nuclear rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible, NATO stated that they are determined to protect and defend all NATO allies. The Belarusian opposition, on the other hand, said the plan violated the country’s constitution.


Russia recently announced its plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory. The plan in question drew the reaction of the Western and Ukrainian authorities. In a statement made by NATO, it was stated that the plan in question was irresponsible and said, “Russia’s nuclear rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible. NATO is on the alert and we are watching the situation closely. We have not seen any change that would change our stance. We are determined to protect and defend all NATO allies.”

Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said, ” The latest statement of the Russian Federation of its intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus is another provocative step of the criminal Putin regime, which undermines the principles of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Against the terrible humanity in the Kremlin’s war against a sovereign state And despite war crimes, Russia shows that it cannot win on the battlefield.”

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