Prince Harry Has Gone Mad; He Revealed Everything, Including Family Secrets!

Prince Harry, who left the British Royal family and gave up all his titles, made a great impression with his book “Spare”. While Harry’s confession of killing 25 Afghans in Afghanistan was mind-blowing in his book, many secrets about the Royal family were revealed from his book.

Prince Harry has leaked to the press what he wrote in his memoir “Spare”, which will be on the shelves on January 10. The book, which includes the striking confessions of Prince Harry, who broke his ties with the Royal, has revealed all the secrets. Among the information shared by fashion writer Pelin Kaya are Harry’s book about the bullying he has faced throughout his life, and the words his father King Charles said to Princess Diana.

Prince Harry allegedly called Meghan tough and rude during a heated argument about Meghan Markle, and then grabbed her by the collar and threw her to the ground. He allegedly caused visible injuries, including abrasions and bruises.

Prince Harry had grown up amid speculation that his real father was Princess Diana’s ex-boyfriend, Major James Hewitt. He implied that King Charles was making sadistic jokes to Prince Harry at the time and that his father was James Hewitt.

Prince Harry, who said he lost his virginity at the age of 17 by being with an older woman, claimed that the woman had allegedly treated him like a young stallion and slapped him on the butt. Prince Harry also admits to using banned substances as a teenager.

Prince Harry said during the 200-mile Arctic charity march before William’s wedding that his genitals were frozen, he was still recovering during the wedding, and that he attended the wedding that way. Harry also clarified the “uncircumcised” claims about that period by saying that he was circumcised.

When King Charles’ second child was born in 1984, he told Diana “I’m done with you”. After Diana’s death, his father never hugged Harry.

Prince Harry has spent years learning that his mother Diana wasn’t dead, that her death was fiction to escape the press. He had learned what had happened that day.

Ece Nagihan

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  1. You need to compare your post with the excerpts of the book posted by every other news outlet in the world…yours are completely off the mark, baffling, and mix up who was involved. Harry had the fight with William, not meghan. Jeez, double check was you Post especially when claiming it’s news.

    1. Hello Jaded Gal,

      Thank you for your constructive criticism and comment. We will be more careful from now on.

  2. Hi! How are you. Do you mean ‘He’ not ‘She’, as Prince Harry is a male. Thanks, great piece. Kate

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