Places to Visit Near Istanbul For The Weekend

Places to Visit Near Istanbul For The Weekend

We have compiled for you the places in the immediate vicinity where you can get away from Istanbul for a little bit and spend a good time for a day or a few days…

Those who want to have a holiday, even for a few days, can relax, visit historical places, take fascinating photos or buy gifts for your loved ones in these holiday destinations we have chosen from places close to Istanbul.


If you want to spend your holiday in greenery, Bolu Abant is for you. Located 300 km from Istanbul, Abant is a place where you can spend a holiday in nature, away from the noise of Istanbul.

Photo: Murat Sahin

In this paradise, where the climate changes every five kilometers, you can take a carriage tour around the lake, ride a bicycle or have fun with the horses you can rent from the villages.

Photo: Murat Sahin

When you take a lunch break after a pleasant day, you can choose trout restaurants. Transportation to Bolu Abant is also very easy.

Photo: Murat Sahin

If you are going to Abant with your own vehicle, the distance between Bolu and Ankara is 191 km, and the distance between Bolu and Istanbul is 242 km. There are also minibus services from Bolu to Abant.


When we want to escape from the traffic and busy work schedule of Istanbul, the first place that comes to our mind is the islands. Consisting of Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kınalıada, the Islands welcome hundreds of guests every day.

In Adalar, which is one of the places frequented by foreign tourists, you can go to museums, tour the island by carriage or have a picnic as well as historical trips.

When you take a lunch break on the island, you will encounter many small and cozy restaurants that open their doors to you. After eating at these restaurants where the island culture is reflected, you should definitely stop by the Maraş style ice cream shops along the main street. In addition to the Bostancı-Kabataş ferries that go to the islands, you can travel with the classical Ada ferries that go to each island separately.


Ağva is a summer village between Şile’s lush forest and deep blue sea and two rivers. You can take a walk on the 25 km long beach. In Şile, you can spend time doing nature sports, fishing or spend a full day with river cruises. Also, if you want to explore places close to Agva, Kilimli village is just for you. Here, caves and cliffs where you can take beautiful photos await you.

Photo: Murat Sahin

Ağva, which is famous for its fresh and delicious fish, has a wide variety of fish. You can enjoy the unique beauty of the river while having your meal at the restaurants on the river. To reach Ağva, which is 97 km away from Istanbul, you can follow the Ümraniye-Şile road and complete your journey in 1 hour, mostly by road.

Photo: Murat Sahin


You should definitely stop by Şile, which is on your way to Ağva. Şile Lighthouse is one of the must-see places. There is a restaurant in a small garden at the back of the Lighthouse. You can take a lunch break here.


Located in the southwest of the Sea of ​​Marmara, this quaint island is the perfect place to spend time with your family. Avşa will attract you with its clean beach, sea and calmness. You can take part in bicycle tours on Avşa Island and see places dominated by Greek and Byzantine influences. You can find many places where you can taste the famous wines of the island.

Places to Visit

You can visit the bazaars of Avşa island and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. The island, which has managed to appeal to all segments, opens its doors to you with its entertaining venues at night.

The restaurants lined up along the beach continue to serve throughout the day. Enjoy your meal accompanied by live music at Avşa, which also has a variety of dishes. A full holiday awaits you on this island, where you can travel by sea buses from Istanbul-Bostancı and Yenikapı.

Places to Visit

Other places to visit:

Places to Visit

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