Passenger Detained After Attacking Thy Cabin Crew Member

A Foreign Passenger Who Attacked A Cabin Crew Member On A Turkish Airlines Flight From Istanbul To Mogadishu Was Detained.

THY’s TK-646 flight numbered Boeing 737-8 MAX type aircraft with TC-LCK tail registration took off from Istanbul Airport at 02:00 at night to fly to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

After the plane entered Egyptian airspace, a Somali passenger, allegedly intoxicated, began to disturb other passengers.

When passengers expressed their discomfort, the cabin crew warned the passenger. The Somali passenger then assaulted the cabin crew member.

The passenger who attacked the cabin crew was handcuffed with plastic handcuffs.

Upon notification of the situation, the captain pilot returned to Turkish airspace and requested permission for an emergency landing at Antalya Airport.

Upon permission, the plane landed at Antalya Airport at 06.00 without any problems.

The aggressive passenger was detained after the plane landed.

Mücahid Ahlatçı

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