New Update from WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to develop for groups. The application, which offers a large group in groups by developing the community feature, increased the number of people in groups from 256 to 512. Now a new regulation is on the agenda that will also show the former members of a group. WhatsApp is working on a new feature that creates a list of ex-members in groups. Accordingly, when a user leaves a group, the message “… left the group” will no longer appear in the group chat. This feature is still under development and has a few months to roll out to users.

Improving Views of Past Attendees

The messaging platform is improving users’ ability to view past participants in groups, which will be available in a future update. A new option will appear below the list of group participants in a future update, allowing people to see who has been in the group in the past. This new option will make it easier to keep track of who has left a group.

All Participants Can See

Moreover, this list seems to be visible to everyone in the group, not just group admins. However, since this feature is under development, there are also changes. It is not yet clear when the feature will be available to beta testers in development.

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