Muslim Immigrant Prime Minister to Scotland: Hamza Yusuf

Health Minister Hamza Yusuf, 37, became Scotland’s first Muslim immigrant prime minister.

Scotland’s prime minister has been announced.

In the Scottish National Party (SNP) chairmanship election, which had a historic result, 37-year-old Health Minister Hamza Yusuf came first.

Hamza Yusuf, the son of a Pakistani immigrant family, announced his candidacy for the presidency in February.

First Muslim Prime Minister

Yusuf was elected the new leader of the SNP by voting today.

Yusuf, of Pakistani origin, became Scotland’s first Muslim prime minister.

3 Immigrant Prime Ministers in Great Britain

In 2022, Leo Varadkar became Prime Minister of Ireland. Politician Rishi Sunak becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Thus, all three prime ministers in Ireland, England and Scotland became politicians from Asian immigrant families.

How is an immigrant prime minister received in your country? What do you think about it?

Ece Nagihan

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  1. Ece;
    You should read more before being a columnist. What a shame you say Ireland is a member of Great Britain.

    1. Hi Gerard! I think there is a misunderstanding. It seems to be misunderstood as it is a long sentence, so I corrected the sentence. Thank you for your warning…

  2. They are not immigrants, just because their parents were, doesn’t make them immigrants! I presume they were born in their respective countries!

  3. Hi Ece Nagihan I am writing to you from Ireland to let you know that you are completely wrong, Ireland is NOT in Great Britain/UK or even the British Commonwealth, we got our independence over 100 years ago. so Leo Varadkar is NOT one of the 3 PM’s of Britain. Ireland is a Republic with its own President as head of state Michael D. Higgins, it is not a monarchy like the UK is, we use the Euro not the British Pound. We are as independent as Turkiye and every other nation in the UN.

    1. Hi Will, Sorry for the misunderstanding. I pay attention to the warnings I receive! So I corrected my misunderstood sentence. Thank you for your understanding!

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