Model Bella Hadid was Hospitalized!

Bella Hadid, a model like Gigi Hadid, who struggled with Lyme disease, was hospitalized. The degree of risk of the model situation, which works at an intense pace, is not known for now. Hadid, who shared topless on the bed and showed her back, upset her fans.

After busy modeling days, Bella Hadid was hospitalized for Lyme disease. Lyme is known as a disease caused by a bacterium transmitted to humans by the bite of a kind of tick.

According to the contents of the news published on Hollywood gossip blogs, the risk level of the condition of Bella Hadid, who has been on the runway every day since the Fashion Weeks last September, has been running for the shoot and almost starving due to her adherence to the diet she has to follow during this time, is currently unknown.

Hadid, who is said to have increased the degree of infection in her blood due to her work-related fatigue and stress, shared her photos from the hospital bed.

The tapes in the photos he shared are used to alleviate the high-grade fever and pain caused by the infection.

It was said that Hadid did not eat at an intense pace and only fed with cigarettes and energy drinks.

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