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Kazakhstan’s Natural Gas to be Processed in Russia: Agreement Signed

An agreement was signed on the road map, which determines the main areas of interaction between Russia and Kazakhstan on the processing of Kazakhstan natural gas in Russia.

Roman Sklyar, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, and Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of the Russian energy company Gazprom, visited St. They met in St. Petersburg.

Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Moscow Yermek Koşerbayev, Kazakhstan’s Energy Minister Bolat Akçulakov and Kazakhstan’s state-owned gas company KazakGaz Chairman of the Board Sanjar Jarkeşov were present at the meeting.

Kazakhstan Gas to be Processed in Russia

In the statement made by the Prime Ministry of Kazakhstan, it was stated that during the meeting, bilateral cooperation in the field of natural gas was discussed between the two countries, and on the roadmap that determines the main areas of interaction between the two countries, including the processing of Kazakhstan natural gas at the natural gas processing plant in Orenburg, Russia, and the supply of Russian natural gas to Kazakhstan. The agreement was reported to have been signed.

Kazakhstan Exports Its Natural Gas To Neighboring Countries

Kazakhstan, one of the important natural gas producers in Central Asia, produces more than 50 billion cubic meters of raw natural gas and 29 billion cubic meters of commercial natural gas annually.

In Kazakhstan, where 18 billion cubic meters meet the needs of the country, more than 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas is exported to neighboring countries, especially China.

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