Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach

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Iztuzu Beach is located in Dalyan town of Ortaca district of Mugla. The beach, which stands out with the golden yellow and fine sand of the beach, attracts many tourists every year. The beach, which stands out with its lush nature, also has Caretta Carettas. Endangered Caretta Carettas also lay their eggs on these beaches. At the same time, the length of Iztuzu Beach is known as 4.5 kilometers. The beach area of Iztuzu Beach stretches from the slopes of the Radar hill to the front of Delik Ada.

At the same time, the lake and sea water come together on this beach. This creates a very beautiful view in Iztuzu Strait. This beach has fresh water on one part and salt water on the other. İIztuzu Beach is located in Dalyan town, which is connected to Ortaca district of Mugla. The beach, one of the important regions of the Southern Aegean, attracts a lot of attention. People who want to spend a calm and peaceful holiday in nature usually prefer to go to Iztuzu Beach. In addition, holidaymakers from Mugla and the surrounding cities generally prefer the beach to have a nice holiday.


Transportation by public transportation: Firstly, after getting on the minibuses or buses that come to the town of Ortaca and Dalyan, come to Dalyan and you can easily get access by taking the minibuses that depart from Dalyan PTT to Iztuzu Beach. You can also reach by minibus starting from 9 o’clock in the morning and boats departing from Dalyan city center. The minibus boats start from 01:00 pm during the day and you can return by the dolmus boats until 06:00 pm in the evening.


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