Istanbul Has 3 Months of Water Left

Istanbul Has 3 Months of Water Left

The occupancy rate of the dams supplying water to Istanbul fell below 30 percent, the lowest level in the last 10 years. While some dams are at the point of drying up, experts stated that Istanbul has 80-90 days of water left.

Due to the lack of precipitation in autumn and the expected precipitation in the first months of winter, the occupancy rate of the dams in Istanbul fell to the lowest level in the last 10 years.

According to experts, the city has 3 months of water left.

ITU Meteorological Engineering Department Inst. Member Hüseyin Toros stated that 265 million cubic meters of water remain in the dams and that we use 2-3 million cubic meters of water daily.

Water left

prof. Toros said, “It means water for 80-90 days. This means that serious problems are waiting for us.” I said.

Istanbul dams are at their lowest level in the last 10 years

The total amount of water in the dams is below 30 percent. Kazandere and Pabuçdere Dams are about to dry.

The occupancy rate of Alibeyköy Dam, which is one of the 10 dams that meet the water needs of Istanbul, decreased to 15.91 percent.

Pointing out that Istanbul is in danger of thirst, Prof.


Water left

prof. Hüseyin Toros explained his solution suggestions by stating that the only solution is to save water so that Istanbul does not become dehydrated.

Suggesting that the water should not be left on while showering and that there should be a head in the shower to save water, Toros said, “Sometimes, cold water flows in the bathrooms until the hot water reaches the sinks. Collect this water in a bowl. Take it in a bowl and use it for different purposes so that it does not go to waste.” I said.

Emphasizing that adjustments can be made to reduce water consumption in the siphons, Toros stated that the water used to rinse the vegetables can be used in the siphons.

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