Hot Springs and Hot Springs Close to Istanbul

For those who want to get away from the noise of the city or who want to support the treatment of various diseases in Istanbul, the most populous city in Turkey in terms of population, we have listed the closest spas and hot springs. Since Istanbul is a poor city in terms of underground useful water resources, the surrounding cities close to the surrounding thermal springs and thermal springs can be preferred. Here are the closest thermal springs and hot springs to Istanbul

Tuzla Hot Springs / Istanbul

In addition to visiting the Thermal Facilities operated by a private business for a day, you can stay overnight.

Address : Evliya Celebi Mah. Esref Sok. No: 13 Şifalı Sular Locality İçmeler / Tuzla – İstanbul

Gölcük Summer Spa/Kocaeli

Its distance to Istanbul is approximately 110 km.

It is a facility that can be preferred because it is close to Istanbul. It is possible to go daily and rent a thermal room in the facility, which was established at the point where the spring water is located.

Thermal Spas/Yalova

Its distance from Istanbul is about 100 km. (via Osmangazi Bridge) – 180 km (via İzmit Bay.)

You can spend a small holiday in Yalova thermal spring facilities, which is famous all over Turkey with its hot spring. Staying in the facilities where everything is thought to relax you with its healing waters and services will allow you to spend a day or days away from the noise of the city. You can make the choice you want in the facility that is suitable for accommodation and daily use.

Iznik Miracle Spa

Its distance to Istanbul is approximately 190 km over the Gulf of Izmit, and approximately 110 km over the Osmangazi Bridge.

Keramet Thermal Springs in Iznik, the historical town of Bursa, where you can enjoy the hot water in a magnificent nature in a natural pool, can be preferred. Let’s not forget that it is crowded on weekends and holidays.

Kuzuluk Thermal Hotel

Its distance from Istanbul is approximately 170 km.

Address and Contact Information

Kuzuluk – Akyazı / SAKARYA
Tel:0264 421 00 20
Fax:0264 421 01 50

Its facilities in Sakarya Kuzuluk are at a preferable level.

It is stated that the healing water has the feature of supporting the treatment in the following diseases.

In mobilization studies in cases of long and prolonged immobility such as after orthopedic operation, Brain and Nerve surgery,
non-inflammatory joint coincidences such as osteoarthritis; In the treatment of soft tissue diseases (such as Myosid, Tendinitis, Trauma, Fibromyalgia syndrome),
It should not be used in drinking cures since the ammonium values ​​contained in the source are above the warning limits,
In chronic periods of inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, under physician control,
Stress disorder, Neurovegetative dystonias as examples,
In the treatment of diseases such as cerebral palsy,
In selected neurological disorders in the chronic period,
It can be used as a complementary treatment element in chronic low back pain, sports injuries.

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