Hearing What The Doctor Said In The Hospital, She Became a Muslim

Georgian citizen Irma Shakiashvili, who was seriously injured after falling from the 6th floor, took the name “Tulip” as a Muslim in the presence of eyewitnesses. Telling his story of becoming a Muslim, Shakiashvili said, “The doctors said it was impossible for me to live in the hospital. I promised Allah that I would become a Muslim when I got out of the hospital. Alhamdulillah today I became a Muslim.”

A conversion ceremony was held at the Provincial Mufti for Georgian citizen Irma Shakiashvilı, who applied to the Kayseri Provincial Mufti stating that she wanted to become a Muslim. In the ceremony that started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by İshak Alas, the staff of the Provincial Mufti, Deputy Provincial Mufti Dr. Dursun Sarı gave information to Şakiaşvili about the basic principles of Islam and said, “I congratulate the lady who preferred the religion of Islam. She decided to become a Muslim after researching and learning. May my Lord accept her faith and surrender.”

Became a Muslim


Irma Shakiashvili, who later became a Muslim by speaking in the presence of witnesses, took the name “Tulip”. Telling her story of becoming a Muslim, Irma Shakiashvilı said, “I survived a major accident by falling from the 6th floor. The doctors at the hospital said it was impossible for me to live.


I promised Allah that I would become a Muslim when I got out of the hospital. Luckily to this day. Alhamdulillah, I became a Muslim.” Deputy Provincial Mufti Sarı congratulated Irma Şakıaşvili after his prayer, gave a certificate of conversion and presented various books from the Presidency of Religious Affairs as a gift. Deputy Provincial Mufti Yaşar Bolat and Dr. Dursun Sarı, Director of Hacı Aliye Tarman Quran Course Fatma Haç, Quran Course Instructor Esra Erdoğan, Irma Shakıashvilı and her friends attended.

Became a Muslim

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