Flash Decision For Airbnb! Restrictions Are Coming

A remarkable decision has been taken regarding the applications used to rent short-term homes. The European Parliament has adopted a legal regulation restricting short-term home renting applications such as Airbnb.

The European Parliament has imposed restrictions on Airbnb. The adopted legislation aims to “protect consumers from fraudulent short-term rental offers, while reducing the pressure on the housing sector due to the decline in long-term rentals”.

The legislative proposal for “new rules for a responsible and transparent short-term rental sector” was discussed in the Plenary of the European Parliament on Thursday.

The new law was adopted by 493 votes against 14. 33 MEPs abstained.

The volume of short-term accommodation rental services has increased significantly across the European Union (EU) with the proliferation of online platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, Expedia and TripAdvisor, according to a regulation drafted by the European Parliament.
Online short-term rentals have reached 25 percent of total tourist accommodation in the EU. In other words, one in every four tourist stays is a short-term rental.

While this type of rental is beneficial for landlords, tourists and some businesses, it has started to cause problems for the housing market in particular.

The lack of proper rules on short-term rentals has led to an increase in problems such as high housing prices, displacement of permanent residents, over-tourism and unfair competition.

For this reason, many European tourist cities have started to introduce strict rules against apps like Airbnb.

In Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and Paris, the capital of France, restrictions have been imposed on the duration of vacation rentals.

In the Netherlands, which is facing a serious housing shortage, about 7 thousand houses are rented for short periods via Airbnb.

For this reason, homeowners in the Netherlands have been limited to a maximum of 30 days a year for short-term rentals.

The Spanish city of Barcelona banned online short-term rentals.

23 EU member states introduced new rules for short-term online rentals in 2022. Other countries are also preparing legal regulations on this issue.

The Parliament has brought this regulation to the agenda across Europe, both to prevent problems arising from short-term rentals and to eliminate the fragmentation created by different local rules in the domestic market.

What Is In The New Law?

The new law adopted by the European Parliament aims to make rules to restrict short-term rentals across the EU more enforceable from a single source.

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