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Erotic Party in Nursing Home! She Had a Heart Attack!

The South American country of Colombia talks about an erotic party held in a nursing home. The heart attack of a woman dancing with strippers in the event, which was on the agenda on social media, increased the reactions in the country.

The erotic party he organized in a nursing home in Cartagena, Colombia, and the unfortunate event that took place during the party, sat on the agenda of the country. In the footage shot and spread by Instagram phenomenon Nadia Cartagen, an erotic party is organized by inviting stripper women and men to a nursing home. Nadia explained that the purpose of this is to raise awareness while saying that the purpose of this is to give the elderly an ‘interesting experience’.

However, this awareness effort did not result in the desired way. A Colombian woman dancing with two stripper dancers fainted with excitement. The first aid was given to the old woman, who first held her heart and then collapsed to the ground, and then an ambulance was called.

The images of the dancers sitting on the old woman’s lap broke the record for sharing on social media.


While the unfortunate woman was rushed to the hospital, the fun ended.

The images uploaded to social media remained from the show of half-naked strippers.

The old woman suddenly fell ill

While explaining that the Instagram phenomenon shared the images by sieving, the following note was dropped; “Today we threw an erotic party with older adults. Unfortunately, I had the biggest fear of my life. I never expected something like this to happen. The truth is, I just wanted those people to have a good time, to have some fun. But I am very sorry.”


However, the young Instagram phenomenon faced reaction from social media users immediately after sharing. One commented, ‘Nadia, you’re exaggerating, the party is ok but with another theme, not like this’.

Another said, ‘Nadia, you have to understand by now that this was not the right party. It is very sad,” he wrote.

While the images were on the social media agenda in a short time, hundreds of people reacted to what happened.


While defending herself, Nadia told Colombian broadcaster El Universal that she organized the event to raise awareness of the “poverty and abandonment” older adults face. “The purpose of the video is to get this issue to be seen and to urge local authorities to keep an eye on these people,” Nadia said. However, she added that she did not receive any special permission for the party.

“And the purpose of the video was never to offend, abuse, or take advantage of grandparents,” the Instagram phenomenon said. In fact, we even made a donation to them after the event.” she said.

There was no clear information about the condition of the old woman.

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