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Editorship From Famous Media Companies To Artificial Intelligence

Editorship From Famous Media Companies To Artificial Intelligence

While the popularity of ChatGPT, which produces complex and coherent texts, has increased rapidly, world-renowned media companies have started to use artificial intelligence program in news production. Axel Springer, which includes Bild, Politico and Die Welt, announced that with the developing technology, there is no need for human employees in some areas and it will make layoffs. The company stated that only publishers that can produce original content can survive.

Mathias Doepfner, CEO of German media group Axel Springer, said that there will be layoffs at the media company due to artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT.

Famous Media Companies

Doepfner’s statements were made at a time when the publisher was trying to move forward with increasing the revenues of German newspapers Bild and Die Welt and becoming an “all-digital media company”. Doepfner announced that layoffs are imminent as automation and artificial intelligence make many jobs that support content production for journalism increasingly redundant.


In an email to employees, Doepfner said that “AI has the potential to make independent journalism better than ever, or simply replace it,” and that AI tools like the popular ChatGPT promise a “revolution” in information and will soon “gather information.” He stated that he would be better than human journalists in this regard.

“Understanding this change is crucial to a publisher’s future viability. Only those who create the best original content will survive,” Doepfner said. aforementioned.

However, Axel Springer did not specify how many employees could be laid off, but promised there would be no cuts to the number of reporters.

Famous Media Companies

In his letter to employees, Doepfner stated that media outlets should focus on investigative journalism and original news, adding that it will continue to be journalists’ job to uncover the “true causes” of events.

On the other hand, Axel Springer is not the first news publisher to experiment with the use of artificial intelligence in content production. In January, BuzzFeed announced that it had begun using artificial intelligence to print its content and online quizzes.


The Daily Mirror and Daily Express newspapers in the UK are also exploring the use of artificial intelligence, and the group’s CEO told the Financial Times he has set up a working group to examine “the potential and limitations of machine learning like ChatGPT.”

Famous Media Companies

On the other hand, ChatGPT has reached over 100 million users since its launch in November last year. The program can generate highly complex text from simple user commands and can produce everything from essays to job applications, from poems to works of fiction. ChatGPT is a large language model that is trained by uploading billions of daily texts over the web to the system. It then uses all this material to guess words and phrases in specific sequences.

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