Earthquake and Emergency Simulation Application with artificial intelligence technology was developed

Earthquake and Emergency Simulation Application with artificial intelligence technology was developed to test earthquake and emergency preparedness.

ASELSAN’s subsidiary BITES Defense, Aerospace Technologies has developed an Earthquake and Emergency Simulation Application with artificial intelligence technology to prepare for disaster and emergency management. The developed simulation will enable authorized units in public and private institutions to make emergency preparation, procedure rehearsal and emergency planning correctly.

Simulation with artificial intelligence technology; It evaluates the effects of the environment, infrastructure, population and all the actors involved in the scenario, and ensures that the relevant units are prepared realistically for disasters and unexpected situations. It will contribute to the preparation of personnel, tools, equipment, materials, procedures and behaviors. For example, it helps to test various scenarios in a simulation environment in order for the teams needed after a large-scale earthquake to go to the damaged areas as quickly as possible, to respond to the earthquake victims, and to minimize the losses with fast and effective work.

BİTES General Manager Uğur Coşkun, who made explanations about the simulation technology developed, said, “The situations that will occur in the disaster and the correct planning of the teams that will respond to them, their shipment, logistics planning, which routes they will use in the field, how they will be transferred, how the teams will work together, how the international support and aid teams will be able to work together. an infrastructure in which all scenarios can be run until they are organized. Exercises can be done at different times, in weather conditions and by changing the size of the disasters.”

Giving an example through the preparation simulation for the Istanbul earthquake, BİTES Gaming Technologies and Application Software Group Leader Çağatay Çelik used the following statements:

“First of all, an earthquake is created. You can determine which region or regions this earthquake will affect on the map. We can send helicopters and UAVs to the region to see the possible effects of the earthquake. We convey the possible effects of the earthquake to the center with the images taken. The roads affected by the earthquake are determined. In order to open the roads and ensure that the relevant teams can reach the region quickly, units such as Highways are directed and the roads are opened for transportation. Then we direct search-rescue and medical teams. Then we move the crowds to a safe area. We can run this scenario anywhere in Turkey or around the world, just as we ran it in Istanbul. In addition to determining the scenario and teams, it is possible to play the scenario many times and see the mistakes that you cannot do in the real environment. Thus, we aim to make the teams most prepared for a possible earthquake.”

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