Dark Academia Aesthetic

Dark academia aesthetic fashion is taking the world by storm these days. Many boys and girls who are into the academic world are following this trend passionately. Dark academia aesthetic consists of people who like literature, history, poetry, arts, old buildings, libraries, classical music, and museums. These people also enjoy learning, researching, writing, and spending time in the library. Hanging out with friends is not really their favorite activity. Instead, they like studying and spending time alone, watching Harry Potter. Dark academia girls and boys are pessimistic and moody most of the time. They have a depressing impact on people. Maybe that is why they feel like it is a waste of time to spend with other people.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Fashion

Dark academia aesthetic fashion includes old-fashioned outfits which are dark colored and kinds of distressed pieces. Black, brown, forest green, dark orange, and mainly earth tones are the perfect colors for this trend. Scarves, baggy sweaters, turtlenecks, masculine tops, formal dresses, mid-length skirts, and trench coats are excellent for dark academia outfits. Of course, they will not be enough without the accessories. Rectangular bags, ties, leather belts, round glasses, brooches, pearl hair clips, and silver rings are minimal but chic pieces which will make you look elegant and sophisticated. You should also take your books with you wherever you go. If you do that, you can read wherever you are, whenever you wish, and also by looking good. Don’t forget that dark academia clothing gets more and more trendy with the opening of schools. 

How to Dress Dark Academia 

To dress up for dark academia, you should choose specific pieces that can be easily found in second-hand or thrift shops. Old-fashioned clothes, oversized shirts, raincoats, knitted cardigans, corduroy midi skirts, plaid shirts, uniforms, and blazers are ideal for this fashion. You can also have minimal accessories such as silver rings, pearl necklaces, messenger bags, argyle socks, berets, and classic watches are perfect choices if you like this style. Your bag must be big enough to carry all your bags. 

Dark Academia Aesthetic Hair and Makeup

Dark academia aesthetic hair consists of classic styles. Let’s start with the hair. Your hair should look effortless but stylish. Braids, low buns, and wrapped buns will be great if you try them. Also, the color you choose must be natural. Even if you like drawing attention to your hair, you should use dark colors. As hair accessories, you can have tiny hair clips, barrettes, scarves, bandanas, and bobby pins. 

Dark academia aesthetic makeup is mainly about choosing earth and nude tones. You can have earth shades for eyeshadow, black or purple for lipstick, and bronze for blush. The most crucial detail about your dark academia makeup is having winged eyeliner. It will make you look stylish and cool. If you try these tips, you will certainly draw attention wherever you go to study. You can also have fake freckles to look more natural.

Dark Academia Room Ideas

To decorate your room for dark academia, you need to have upper-class European-like pieces. Art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, polaroid photographs, and of course, books. You should have many books on the shelves. Your room can definitely look like a library or a museum. All the pieces you have must be related to the dark academia aesthetic. Also, you can have candles, typewriters, clocks, musical instruments, silver-framed mirrors, and sketches on your walls. Think about how amazing your room will be with all these fantastic decorative pieces!

Related Aesthetics of Dark Academia

There are many aesthetics related to dark academia. As the academia aesthetic is a big culture embracing education, creativity, and studying, finding your personal aesthetic among them might be confusing. Here are some academia sub-cultures:

  • Light Academia: Light academia aesthetic is the soft version of dark academia. This aesthetic is more optimistic and hopeful about the future. The outfits also have lighter colors like light brown, cream, and white. White shirts, trousers, blazers, leather belts, pearls, and loafers are the key clothes and accessories for this aesthetic. 
  • Dark Paradise: Dark paradise aesthetic consists of finding serenity in the books and still feeling dark. Dark paradise girls like taking photos in old buildings, spending time at night time, and sitting under the shadows of trees. They wear beanies, oversize shirts, maxi dresses, and mom jeans. 
  • Musical Academia: Musical academia aesthetic is kind of a mixture of music and academic elements. These people like playing instruments and studying. They like wearing dark and masculine clothes. Their rooms are full of decorative CDs, pages of notes, drumsticks, and instrument cases. 
  • Romantic Academia: Romantic academia aesthetic is basically about people who like reading romance books. These people like dreaming. They prefer dreaming instead of living their daily life. Romantic academia outfits are feminine pieces such as lace clothes, miniskirts, mini dresses, blouses, sandals, and heart-shaped sunglasses.
  • Studyblr: Studyblr aesthetic mainly consists of studying and taking notes. Studyblrs like writing. They have beautiful handwriting. Also, the studyblr aesthetic is so popular on Instagram and TikTok. If you need some inspiration for studying, we suggest you follow these people. You can also identify them from their outfits, such as oversize hoodies, sweatpants, chunky sneakers, and round sunglasses.

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