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ALKA Passed The Tests Successfully: Hit The Target!

It was demonstrated live that ALKA, a high-powered laser weapon with an electromagnetic jamming system, successfully passed the tests and even hit the target from exactly 12.

The tests of ALKA, a very close hybrid defense system using electromagnetic and laser technology against asymmetric threats, were carried out successfully. The ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System, developed by Roketsan, demonstrated its capabilities and hit the target with full accuracy.

A demonstration was held, demonstrating the capabilities of the high-powered laser weapon system, which has a target detection radar, target tracking system and electromagnetic jamming system developed within the scope of the ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System.

The firing tests of the domestic and national laser weapon system, which was developed as an integrated product family at different power levels and on different carrier platforms, including fixed, portable and mobile, were demonstrated. It was seen live that the developed systems showed superior success against both ground and air targets.

Ermaksan is also the company that provides the laser source in the Laser Weapon Systems Supply Project, which was initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries and carried out under the main contractor Roketsan.

ALKA properties

  • 750 m effective range of destruction with laser gun
  • Blocking a wide range of mini / micro UAV threats with EKS
  • Detection and tracking of low and high flying mini / micro UAV threats with radar
  • High precision target tracking with electro-optical target tracking system
  • High speed target tracking and destruction
  • Precise selection of the area to be destroyed on the target
  • Automatic target detection and tracking via image with artificial intelligence [Minimum false alarm / warning capability]
  • Automatic orientation to the detected target
  • Blocking regardless of target number in swarm attacks
  • Ability to command from the command center
  • Ability to work day and night
  • Can be used as a surveillance system
  • Reducing the operational burden on the user with the application of neuroergonomics
  • Ability to shoot series
  • Low shooting cost compared to conventional methods

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