10 Best Ski Resorts in Turkey

Ski resorts are one of the most enjoyable alternatives to turn cold winter days into fun moments. After the first snowfall, these ski resorts have an impressive appearance, after enjoying the fresh air and the snow-white scenery, you can have the chance to experience exciting ski sports and outdoor activities. Here are some of Turkey’s best ski resorts. This travel article was prepared by the Expat Guide Turkey team.

The Best Ski Resorts in Turkey

1-Sarıkamış Ski Resort

Sarıkamış Ski Resort, which has a special type of snow called crystal snow seen in the Alps, is one of the most popular skiing points of recent years with its spectacular views and magnificent nature. There are services such as chair lift, accommodation, equipment rental and restaurant in the facility, which has the busiest season between December and March when the snow density is high.

2-Palandoken Ski Resort

Palandöken Ski Resort, which is shown among the longest and steepest slopes in the world, has 7 easy, 8 medium, professional (difficult) and 4 natural tracks. In this resort, where different activities such as paragliding, mountaineering, snowtube and paintball can be performed, two tracks registered by the International Ski Federation (FIS) also serve. This resort, which also includes businesses such as accommodation and restaurants, is located approximately 4 kilometers from the city resort.

3-Kandilli Ski Resort

Kandilli Ski Resort, which also hosts the World Universities Winter Games, is located on an area of ​​160 hectares in Erzurum. Open for 12 months of the year, this area is one of the number one addresses for professional skiers. The altitude of the tracks in Kandilli Ski Resort varies between 1,713 and 1,767 meters.

4-Erciyes Ski Resort

Erciyes Ski Resort, which has one of the longest ski lift in Turkey, is located on Mount Erciyes in Kayseri. This facility, which is approximately 29 kilometers from the city resort, also offers services such as equipment rental and ski training. The busiest time of the facility is the period between December and March when the snow thickness increases.

Uludağ Ski Resort

5-Uludağ Ski Resort

Standing out with its fun atmosphere as well as its structure suitable for skiing, Uludağ Ski Resort offers its guests with comfortable accommodation facilities and restaurants. Uludağ Ski Resort has 11 main tracks in total, and there are ski tracks in alpine style, snowboard, cross country, heli skiing styles. The longest of these tracks is about two kilometers long.

6-Kartepe Ski Resort

In Kartepe Ski Resort, which is a getaway point for holidaymakers who want to spend a peaceful weekend with its proximity to the city resort and calm environment; You can benefit from services such as ski lifts, hotels and restaurants. Kartepe Ski Resort, which is admired with its natural beauty and Sapanca Lake view, is located approximately two hours from Istanbul and 20 minutes from Kartepe district resort.

7-Ilgaz Ski Resort

Ilgaz Mountain, which is 2,850 meters high, located between Kastamonu and Çankırı, is also home to Ilgaz Ski Resort, one of the indispensable addresses of ski lovers. There are two tracks in this resort, where the ski season continues during the period between December and April. Ilgaz Ski Resort also has accommodation and food and beverage facilities.

8-Zigana Ski Resort

Zigana Ski Resort, the only ski resort in the Eastern Black Sea Region, is located on the Zigana Mountain in the Torul district of Gümüşhane. In this resort, which has become the address of those who want to enjoy the snow and have fun, especially on weekends, it is possible to have fun with various activities such as snowmobile and sled besides skiing.

Bolkar Ski Resort

9-Bolkar Ski Resort

Bolkar Ski Resort, which takes its name from the Bolkar Mountains on which it is located, is located 40 kilometers from Erzincan. There is a constant snowfall in this resort, which has a large visitor population between December and April, when the ski season continues. The ski resort, which has a ski house, a 1050-meter-long 1200-person teleski facility and a 300-meter-long baby-lift facility, also has a 110-meter track at medium and difficult levels.

10-Yolçatı Ski Resort

Located in Bingöl, Yolçatı Ski Resort is 25 kilometers away from the city resort. The ski season continues between December and March in this resort, and there is a thousand-meter track with routes for beginner and advanced skiers. There is also a ski house with a capacity of 50 beds in Yolçatı Ski Resort, where 500 people can ski at the same time.

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