Viruses Collaborate… Covid, Flu and RSV!

prof. Dr. Serap Şimşek Yavuz pointed out that applications to the emergency departments increased 3-4 times due to upper respiratory tract infections and warned about the use of masks and ventilation of closed environments.

Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member and KLİMİK President Prof. Dr. Serap Şimşek Yavuz stated that viral infections have been in circulation since October and made statements.

Stating that viral infections started to be seen before the season of this year, Prof. Dr. Yavuz pointed out that the number of applications to emergency services has increased 3-4 times in recent days.

Emphasizing that hospitalizations in pediatric intensive care units have started to increase, Prof. Dr. Yavuz said, “There are Kovid, flu (influenza) and other cold-causing viruses among the factors that cause viral upper respiratory tract infections, and hundreds of viruses are actually in circulation. As expected, viruses entered circulation early this year. Since the beginning of October in Istanbul, flu and other cold factors have been affecting people, especially in children. There are also news from the pediatric intensive care units, the numbers are really high, and even the occupancy of the pediatric intensive care units is quite high.”


Prof. Dr. Yavuz said:

  • *Covid, influenza and RSV. These can lead to undesirable adverse outcomes or be fatal in certain risk groups (small children and those with underlying diseases).
  • The virus we call RSV can settle in the lower respiratory tract, especially in small babies, and cause severe pictures and even death.
  • In emergencies, the number of patients has increased 3-4 times due to the increase in all of these.
  • *We are just entering winter, the weather has just started to get colder; The number of patients will increase exponentially as more people stay indoors.


  • All of them can cause weakness and resentment. It is not possible to understand which flu, which RSV, which Kovid, by looking at the symptoms.
  • However, if it is started at an early stage for covid and flu, we have effective antivirals.
  • *If we can start these drugs at an early stage, especially for those in the risk group, we can prevent hospitalization and deaths.
  • *Therefore, knowing the cause also enables us to start treatment in the early stages of the disease.
  • There is no such thing as every cold, that will heal on its own, that it will pass very well. We normally had a surveillance system before the pandemic, run by the Ministry of Health.
  • *With surveillance, we were able to closely monitor the number of hospital admissions caused by influenza or other infectious diseases, the hospitalization rates, and mortality rates in children and adults, just like in covid.
  • With the pandemic, the surveillance system was badly damaged and stopped. When I log in and look at the system right now, these traces stop at the beginning of October.
  • *However, since October, there has been a very serious early viral respiratory infection outbreaks in Istanbul.
  • *Which virus was effective, we do not know what is going on. We urgently need to return to these observations. B can also be by testing. This triple respiratory panel test, recently announced by the Minister, is very important in this respect.


Explaining that triple respiratory panel tests have been used for a long time, and multiple tests, including covid, have been in use in some countries for the last 1 year. Dr. Yavuz continued his words as follows:

  • These are called multiplex PCR tests. There are also multiple panels, but the most important thing for us right now is the monitoring of these three viruses. Because right now, these three viruses pose the greatest danger among hundreds of viruses.
  • *When this comes into use, we will be able to test all of them at once, so it will be more economical and we will have the chance to make more. There is a very urgent need right now, we are really lacking because we do not know what the cause of diseases is. The coronavirus test is not done properly anymore.
  • I am very happy for him that such a development has happened. The triple test is also a test performed with the PCR method, three viruses can be examined at the same time in the sample taken from the patient.


Explaining that vitamin supplements and herbal preparations, the use of which has increased considerably during the Covid pandemic, do not work to protect against current epidemics, Prof. Dr. Yavuz noted that it is necessary to return to the use of masks, especially in classrooms, public transportation and crowded places, and concluded his words by making the following warnings:

  • People who used vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, etc., none of these were shown to have an effect. People should not waste money on these for nothing. Currently, the use of masks is very effective to prevent all these viruses.
  • Masks should definitely be used especially in public environments and public transportation. Preferably, I recommend wearing masks in classrooms at this time.
  • Because too many viruses are circulating among children, and by preventing its distribution, it prevents children from falling behind from school.
  • Because too many viruses are circulating among children, and by preventing its distribution, we can prevent children from falling behind in school. Good ventilation of indoor environments is also very critical.
  • The ventilation of the classrooms is of critical importance. Again, those who have been defined as free of charge during this period should definitely get the flu vaccine.
  • *In the undefined groups, anyone aged 6 months and over can get vaccinated (by paying the fee).
  • *Influenza vaccination should be done to prevent serious complications related to the flu. Hand washing is also one of the simplest precautions to be taken. Frequent washing of hands prevents cold factors such as RSV to a great extent.
  • Most importantly, people who are sick should not go to work or school. Because that’s how it spreads and the numbers multiply.

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