Turkey’s First Domestic Car Togg’s T10X Model Price Announced!

The price of the T10X model of Turkey’s first domestic car, Togg, has been announced.

In the statement made by Togg, “Togg T10X, which will be pre-ordered on March 16-27 through the Trumore digital platform and Togg website, will have a price tag starting from 953 thousand TL.”

Togg offers its smart device, which it calls “T10X”, which puts the user in the center, is constantly on the internet with its smart life solutions, and can be updated remotely, with two different hardware levels and two battery options, with a price starting from 953 thousand TL.

523 Kilometer Range Option

Togg will introduce its first smart device, the C-SUV, which underlines the concepts of “naturally electric”, “bornly sustainable”, “born digital” and “naturally green”, to users under the name “T10X”. T10X, in which the T in the model name refers to Turkey and Togg, the 10 refers to the C segment platform on which the device is built, and the X refers to the SUV body type, will be offered to users with two different equipment and two battery options.

Two Battery Options with a Range of 314 and 523 Kilometers

Producing 160 kW / 218 HP and 350 Nm of torque, the T10X RWD (rear drive) will have ranges of 314 and 523 kilometers with two different battery options. The 52.4 kWh battery option of the T10X offers an energy consumption value of 16.7 kWh/100 km (WLTP), while the consumption value of the 88.5 kWh battery option is 16.9 kWh/100 km (WLTP).

The prices of the T10X were determined as V1 RWD Standard Range 953 thousand TL, V2 RWD Standard Range 1 million 55 thousand TL and V2 RWD Long Range 1 million 215 thousand TL.

The Twin-engine T10X AWD Will Be on the Road With A Special Series on October 29

The twin-engine 435-horsepower AWD (all-wheel drive) version of the T10X, which accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and produces 700 Nm of torque, will be delivered with the 100th Anniversary Special Series, which will start to be delivered as of October 29, 2023. will hit the road together.

80 Percent Occupancy in Less Than 28 Minutes

Togg T10X can reach from 20 percent to 80 percent battery level in less than 28 minutes with fast charging. Thus, users will rest for a short coffee break on long journeys, while their smart devices will be ready for the rest of the journey. In addition, users will enjoy an environmentally friendly journey with zero emissions.

Advanced Data Privacy and Driving Safety, Continuously Updated Remotely

Togg T10X, which provides the personal data of users and the digital security of the smart device with blockchain technology, is designed to receive the highest level of 5 stars from all tests of the independent Euro NCAP program, which evaluates the safety of cars in the European market. The T10X provides a safe ride in all road conditions with its 7 airbags as standard and advanced driver assistance systems that support a durable and solid infrastructure.

T10X raises the driving safety and comfort to the highest level thanks to its driver support systems that can improve its maturity with continuous learning and constantly renew itself with remote updates (OTA: over-the-air). T10X offers 2nd level autonomous driving to its users, together with the smart adaptive cruise control with stop-go function working together with the traffic sign detection system and the smart lane tracking system & lane departure warning.

For the first time in Turkey and in its class, the T10X will offer the “heavy traffic pilot” assistant feature, allowing users to take their hands off the steering wheel and move forward under the control of the T10X in heavy traffic up to 15km/h. This feature will be activated on smart devices with V2 hardware level and launch special package with remote updates (OTA:over-the-air) in 2023.

“We will deliver orders throughout 2023, with priority for individual users”

Togg Senior Manager (CEO) Gürcan Karakas stated that they are proud to introduce Turkey’s first born electric smart device to users at the end of March, and said:

“From the first day, we set out with the goal of developing a mobility technology brand that can compete globally and is 100% owned by Togg and Turkey, and to create an ecosystem around our smart device and digital products that can be developed and accessible to everyone, by putting the user at the center. We have progressed step by step in line with our plans in the past five years, and as we promised, we are bringing our smart device to users in March. Our users will be able to obtain the right to pre-order our smart device with the lottery they will participate in via our website or our Trumore application. We will deliver orders throughout 2023, with priority for individual users. We aim to provide our users with a comfortable and seamless mobility experience by offering much more than a connected smart device.”

Togg T10X Will Meet With The User With The Lottery Method

On the other hand, according to the statement, Turkey’s first innately electric smart device, Togg T10X, will meet with its users, who will be determined by the drawing method, throughout 2023. Between 16-27 March, the pre-order process for the T10X will take place on “” and the Trumore app. Each individual user who downloads the Trumore application available on the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery or creates a Tru.ID on the Togg website will be entitled to participate in the drawing process by making a prepayment of 60 thousand TL, which they transfer to their wallets via cash or credit card.

Users participating in the draw will be able to configure their smart devices from model to color before prepayment. Pre-order holders will be determined with the digital lottery system to be held in the presence of a notary public on March 28.

At the end of the pre-order period, the winners of the order will be determined together with the priority of delivery, with a drawing to be held in the presence of a notary public. When determining the delivery date, the approximate delivery period of the selected version and the user’s place in the draw order will be taken into account. For example, if a user who places a pre-order for the V1 standard range of 953 thousand TL, which will start to be delivered as of November 2023, takes the first place in the draw, the first delivery of the V1 standard range option will be made to this user.

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