The Highly Anticipated Uncharted 5 May Have Appeared

The Highly Anticipated Uncharted 5 May Have Appeared

Sony recently released a promotional video for PlayStation 5. What stood out in this commercial video were the mysterious scenes thought to be from Uncharted 5.

The Live from PS5 video, which Sony shared recently, appeared as a fun PlayStation 5 advertisement in the style of breaking news. The trailer shows scenes from various PlayStation games come to life, including God of War, Horizon, Gran Turismo and more. However, mysterious scenes that do not belong to any game in the video may point to Uncharted 5.

Uncharted 5

Uncharted 5 may have been featured in PS5 commercial

The video shows a young woman walking through a cave with a lit torch. We also see this woman blowing on an old, dusty artifact. Therefore, these references bring Uncharted 5 to mind.
In a blog post promoting the ad, Sony wrote: “This new ad showcases the breadth of extraordinary experiences taking place in the PS5 universe in a live news channel fashion. See if you can spot any gaming references.”

Uncharted 5

On the other hand, Uncharted 4 (spoiler alert) ended with Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher’s teenage daughter Cassie discovering relics from her past adventures, and Drake decided to tell her about them. For this reason, some believe that Cassie could be the main character in the next Uncharted game and pick up where her parents left off.

Uncharted 5

Announcing her relationship with Naughty Dog, Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty said it’s special to “build the teams of the future, not just for new games, but for the legacy of Uncharted.” The job listing, released late last year, also showed that a new internal development team at Sony has developed a game based on the “favorite series” with Naughty Dog.

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