The F-35 Password Crisis that Shook the World!

While the articles limiting the purchase of F-16s to Turkey were removed from the draft law with the decision taken in the USA in the past days, the F-35 negotiations continue. But the F-35s made another country regret it. South Korean pilots complain a lot about the F-35. Because allegedly, pilots have to ask the US for a password every day in order to operate their planes. And not one, but two passwords.

Without the first password, they cannot operate, and without the second password, they cannot benefit from the combat features of the aircraft. South Korean pilots are worried about the F-35. While the features that make the pilots bored were on the agenda of the world, it came to mind once again that Turkey was excluded from the joint project of F-35 production. The annoying ‘password’ requirement of the F-35s is as follows…


According to the news in OdaTv, the USA sends passwords to the countries that purchased the F-35 via the LINK-16 data sharing system to operate the aircraft and, if necessary, put it into combat mode.


In other words, if the pilots want the plane to become active and work as they want, they have to get a new password every time. This password needs to be retrieved from the USA every day. Planes cannot fly without being entered.


Moreover, after entering the password that allows the planes to fly, another password is required. With this password, the combat features of the aircraft are activated.

In other words, every time F-35 pilots want to use their planes, they need passwords sent by the USA.


However, it is also possible to get rid of the need for the USA by installing its own software on the plane. Israel was one of the countries that did this. The country, which installed its own software on the F-35s, obtained its independence on the plane without the need for the USA.

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