The Best Selling Smartphone of 2022 Has Been Announced!

Apple dominated the list of the 10 best-selling smartphones for 2022.

According to the research, the most popular smartphone has been revealed.

The 2022 smartphone sales report has emerged. The winner of the competition between Apple and Samsung and the best-selling smartphone model of 2022 has been announced. So how was the weather in the general market? Here is the 2022 smartphone sales report with all the details.

The Most Popular Phone Of 2022 Is The IPhone 13

According to the report prepared by Counterpoint Research, 2022 has been a successful period for Apple and iPhone. Eight of the 10 best-selling phones of the year were iPhones. By comparison, the iPhone 13 accounts for 5 percent of global smartphone sales and 28 percent of iPhone sales.

In addition, between the date of its introduction (September 2021) and August 2022, it ranked first in the smartphone lists of major countries such as the USA, UK, China, Germany and France. The iPhone 13 Pro Max took second place, accounting for 2.8 percent of global smartphone sales. The iPhone 14 Pro Max took the third place, taking 1.7 percent of the global market.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max also marks a first. According to the research, the iPhone 14 Pro Max witnessed for the first time in history that a Pro Max model surpassed the Pro and its counterparts. This means that Apple sells the more expensive model to more users.

In fourth place was the Samsung Galaxy A13. The fifth best-selling model in 2022 was the iPhone 13 Pro. Interestingly, the iPhone 12, which was released in October 2020, managed to become the sixth best-selling phone of 2022.

Here Are The 10 Best Selling Smartphones In 2022:

iPhone 13 – 5 percent

iPhone 13 Pro Max – 2.6 percent

iPhone 14 Pro Max – 1.7 percent

Samsung Galaxy A13 – 1.6 percent

iPhone 13 Pro – 1.6 percent

iPhone 12 – 1.5 percent

iPhone 14 – 1.4 percent

iPhone 14 Pro – 1.2 percent

iPhone SE (2022) – 1.1 percent

Samsung Galaxy A03 – 1.1 percent

According to the research, the iPhone 12 model remained popular in the USA, China and Japan, despite being about three years old. In addition, the iPhone SE (2022) took the ninth place, while the Samsung Galaxy A03 rounded out the list.

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