Statement From China That Created Fear All Over The World: Get Ready For War

Statement From China That Created Fear All Over The World: Get Ready For War

Chinese President Xi Jinping created fear with his statement. Pointing out that the country is facing instability and uncertainties, Cinping said, “The army needs to focus on its combat capability and do all its work in line with war preparation.” aforementioned.

Chinese President Xi Jinping gave important messages to the world by visiting the joint operations center of the Central Military Commission (MAK), which is the command center of the People’s Liberation Army of China (CHKO).


Stressing that the Chinese army is facing a difficult and heavy task in the new era, Xi said, “All armed forces should focus on combat capability as the single most fundamental criterion, and carry out all their work in line with this goal. To prepare for war and achieve the ability to win.”


Pointing out that the world has undergone rapid change in a century, Cinping said, “The Chinese army must resolutely protect national sovereignty, security and development interests, and fulfill the duties expressed by its party and the people.” said.



Cinping, who was seen wearing military camouflage and boots during the visit, said during his meeting with the commanders, “We must do our best to achieve this,” pointing to the goal of making the CHKO one of the world’s top-class armed forces. 100th anniversary of its foundation until 2027. the leader of the army; He stated that he should create an effective organization based on absolute commitment, good at planning, and courage to command and win.

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